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Growth, trust and brotherhood amongst Men in Medellin

Step into a world where men come together, where the bonds of camaraderie are strengthened, and where the journey of self-discovery continues. Welcome to Men’s Work Medellin, where men from all walks of life join to explore, share, and support one another. Here, we believe in the power of connection, growth, and personal transformation.

Benefits of Men's Work Medellin in Medellin

Joining a committed group of Men here in Medellin Medellin opens the door to a myriad of benefits that can positively impact your life:

Brotherhood and Support

Experience the incredible power of brotherhood as you connect with like-minded men who share similar life experiences and challenges. Build a supportive network that understands and uplifts you on your journey.

Emotional Intelligence

Discover effective tols and practices that enhance emotional well-being. Learn how to navigate and express your emotions in a safe and nurturing environment, fostering resilience and personal growth. .

Authenticity and Vulnerability

Embrace your true self without judgment or pretense. Men's Work Medellin encourages vulnerability, allowing you to shed societal expectations and uncover your authentic voice. .

Accountability and Growth:

Hold yourself accountable to personal goals and aspirations with the support of your fellow brothers. Men's Work Medellin provides a platform for personal and professional growth, empowering you to reach new heights.

Self-Exploration and Purpose

Delve into the depths of self-exploration, uncovering your passions, values, and purpose. Through introspective practices and meaningful discussions, discover the path that aligns with your true calling.

Men's work

We share certain agreements to create a safe men's circle for everybody​

Our 3 Agreements: Creating a Safe and Nurturing Environment for All

1. Confidentiality: We value the trust and openness that our members bring to the circle. To maintain a secure space for sharing, we ask all participants to honor the confidentiality of our discussions. What is shared within the Men’s Circle stays within the Men’s Circle.

2. Respect and Non-Judgment: Each individual’s journey is unique, and we strive to create an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance. We ask all participants to show respect and practice non-judgment, allowing everyone to feel supported and heard in their experiences.

3. Authenticity: The power of the Men’s Circle comes from the genuine connections and self-discovery it fosters. We encourage participants to be their authentic selves, openly sharing their emotions, thoughts, and stories without fear of judgment or rejection. By embracing authenticity, we strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and deepen our personal growth.

Discover the Right Men's Circle for You: Open Circle vs. Closed Group

Open Men's Circle: A Gateway to Personal Growth and Connection

Our Open Men’s Circle is a welcoming, inclusive space for anyone seeking personal growth and brotherhood. Free to join, this circle provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with others on a similar journey and familiarize yourself with Men’s Work.

By respecting our three agreements, participants create an environment of trust and mutual support, allowing for meaningful connections and transformative experiences.

Closed Group: A Deeper Dive into Personal Development

For those looking to deepen their commitment to Men’s Work, our Closed Group offers an intimate, focused experience. Limited to six participants, this group fosters a strong sense of accountability and connection, with each member embarking on an eight-week journey together. The smaller group size allows for more individual attention, leading to a richer exploration of personal growth

. Priced at $300 per month, the Closed Group is perfect for men ready to invest in a powerful, life-changing experience.

Logistics: Open Men's circle Tuesday 6-8 pm Meditation room of Selina

The open men’s circle are on Tuesdays from 6 – 8 pm in the Meditation room of Selina. Message us beforehand if you want to join and make sure you are on time and can stay the entire 2 hours. 

Who facilitates the Men's Work

At Men’s Work Medellin, the Men’s Circle is facilitated by Oliver, founder of Ayahuasca Retreat Guacamayo with over two years of guiding men’s groups. Oliver is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment where men can express themselves authentically and embark on their individual journeys of self-discovery.

With his guidance, you will find yourself surrounded by a community that encourages growth, vulnerability, and brotherhood.

What is Men's work

Men’s Work is a transformative process that brings men together to explore their emotions, experiences, and challenges in a supportive and nurturing environment. By fostering open communication, vulnerability, and authenticity, Men’s Work encourages personal growth, emotional intelligence, and a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

Through participating in Men’s Work, men can build strong bonds of brotherhood, cultivate self-awareness, and unlock their full potential. Rooted in ancient traditions and adapted to modern life, Men’s Work creates a space where men can empower themselves and one another, ultimately leading to more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

The Connection Between Ayahuasca and Men's Work

While Ayahuasca and Men’s Work are distinct healing modalities, they share common values and goals that enhance one another. Both practices center around creating a supportive environment for individuals to explore their inner worlds, fostering personal growth and self-awareness.

Participants in both Ayahuasca ceremonies and Men’s Work circles cultivate openness, authenticity, and vulnerability, which are essential for transformative experiences. By combining these modalities, individuals can deepen their healing journey and uncover profound insights, ultimately leading to a more harmonious and empowered life.

In case you are looking for a place to drink Ayahuasca we recommend you visit our Medellin specific section of the website: Ayahuasca Medellin

I want to join a Men's Circle

Questions about Men's Work Medellin

Frequently asked questions

Is Men's Work exclusive to a certain age group?

No, Men’s Work is open to men of all ages. We believe that the exchange of knowledge, experience, and wisdom between different age groups enriches the process and enhances personal growth for everyone involved.


Do I need to have previous experience in Men's Work to join the circle?

No, previous experience is not required. We welcome both newcomers and seasoned participants, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the support and camaraderie of our Men’s Circle.

How long do Men's Circle sessions typically last?

Men’s Circle sessions generally last 2 hours. This duration allows for meaningful sharing, reflection, and connection among participants.

Is Men's Work associated with any specific religious or spiritual beliefs?

Men’s Work is not tied to any specific religious or spiritual belief system. We welcome men from all backgrounds and belief systems, as we believe that diversity enriches the collective experience and fosters personal growth for everyone involved.

Can I switch between the Open Men's Circle and Closed Group?

While the Open Men’s Circle is always available to join, the Closed Group requires a commitment to an 8-week journey with the same participants

I am ready to go on this journey

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