Ayahuasca self worth: Can Ayahuasca boost your self-image? 

Ayahuasca self worth

Life’s a journey, and a significant part of that ride is how we see ourselves. It’s like wearing glasses: if the lenses are scratched or blurry, everything’s going to look a bit off. Our self-image and self-worth are those lenses. When they’re clear and clean, life looks good, feels good. But for a lot of us, life has thrown some dirt on those glasses. We start doubting ourselves, thinking we’re not enough—just because of a few smudges on our view.

A low self-worth can seriously weaken our spirit. It’s like having a radio in the background constantly playing the “I’m not good enough” station. And changing that station? It’s not as easy as just hitting a button. These feelings and beliefs are deep-rooted, often going way back to our early years.

So, now the big question is, can Ayahuasca actually help shift our self-image? Can it make us feel worthy and valued? Let’s dive in and find out.

Key takeaways about Ayahuasca self – worth: 

  • Low self-worth can come from abandonment wounds from early childhood experiences or from events we have not emotionally processed in our life (heartbreak, betrayal, failed business etc.) 
  • These wounds from the past have an impact on the present on how we conduct ourselves in difficult situations. 
  • You can start healing these wounds with the help of Ayahuasca
  • After your ceremony you will have to act from this new you and not fall back into old patterns

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Personal story

Honestly for me this was a very big process, actually one of the main reasons why I wanted to start drinking Ayahuasca. I did not want things on the outside (finacnes, romantic relationships etc.) have such a strong emotional impact on me. I wanted to feel good within, independently on the response from the outside. To create abundance within. And it was not something easy to create, it took me over 2,5 years of consistent effort to deeply shift those things within me. And I want to share in this blog on things that I learned, so you can shortcut your learning curve. So, you can create an amazing life for yourself from the inside out. 

Where does low – self worth come from? 

Let’s break it down. When we talk about self-worth, we’re really digging deep into the foundation of who we believe ourselves to be. And often, the roots of low self-worth can be traced back through significant events in our lifes.

Early childhood

It all starts when we’re just little babies, with no bigger care in the world than our next meal or nap. But even then, our emotional blueprint begins to form. As babies, our needs were simple but essential – physical care and emotional attention. Yet, not all of us had the latter consistently met. So, as we grew, we often times internalized a belief that because our primary caregivers did not fulfill that need, we were not worthy of love. Most likely, we believed that if our emotional needs weren’t met, it was because we didn’t deserve them.

The battle of life

Alright, moving on from childhood, let’s talk about life as adults. Because adulthood isn’t always sunshine and rainbows either. Putting yourself out there means you’re bound to face setbacks, heartbreaks, and straight-up failures.

Ever tried your hand at a business venture and watched it crash and burn? That burn can leave a mark that goes deeper than your pockets. It’s like our minds hold onto these experiences, causing our guts to churn with fear at the thought of taking another business risk.

Or think about relationships. Maybe you’ve given it your all, only to have things end in heartbreak. That person, who was once your whole world, has become a distant memory or, even worse, someone you now see with resentment. After something like that, it’s no wonder many of us build walls around our hearts, vowing not to let anyone in again.

These life experiences, if not properly processed, can distort our perceptions of ourselves. Instead of seeing past failures as lessons, they become heavy chains, making us feel that maybe we just aren’t cut out for love or success. We start questioning our worthiness for the good things in life.

I hope this provides a clearer perspective on where low self-worth can stem from and how life’s challenges shape our beliefs about ourselves. Let’s continue unpacking this journey!

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How low self worth and a negative self – image affect us.

It’s not just about how we feel on the inside. Low self-worth and a negative self-image can seep into every corner of our lives, distorting how we interact with the world and how we let it interact with us.

Romantic Relationships: Trust Issues and More

Picture this: You’re in a fresh, new romantic relationship. The vibes are good, and the chemistry is undeniable. But if those unresolved wounds from your past are still lingerng, they’ll affect your new bond. You might find yourself second-guessing every move your partner makes, bracing yourself for betrayal. Your protective walls might push them to act distant, effectively creating the very scenario you feared. Instead of seeing your partner for who they truly are, you might project onto them the insecurities and hurts of your past.

There might even be times when a partner is loving and caring towards you and you push them away. Deep down, it’s hard for you to accept such affection because a part of you feels unworthy of it.

The Business World: Fear, Self-Sabotage, and undervaluing yourself

Carry this low self-worth into the business realm, and it’s a whole new ball game. Perhaps there’s a hesitancy to make that pivotal sales call, because of a deep-rooted fear of rejection underneath. Maybe you find it challenging to ask for a fair price for your services, worried that you’ll be perceived as greedy or simply believing you don’t truly deserve it. 

Then there’s self-promotion. Putting yourself out there is a big step, but when your self-worth is low, it feels more like a leap off a cliff. The idea of others judging or critiquing can be paralyzing. And let’s talk about the art of self-sabotage. Instead of focusing on essential tasks that will propel your business forward, you might find comfort in busywork, masking your insecurities with a façade of being ‘busy’.

And once the cash starts rolling in? You might impulsively spend on flashy items to boost your external image, instead of making sound investments that can genuinely benefit you or your business in the long run.

A Deeper Solution

The thing is, while tactical maneuvers in business can be useful, they’re often just band-aids. The real magic happens when you address the root issue. Healing your self-worth can set the stage for genuine, fulfilling relationships and business success that feels aligned with who you truly are.

In the end, it’s about recognizing your inherent value and reshaping that self-image to reflect the incredible individual you are.

How an Ayahuasca ceremony can impact your self – worth and self – image

Confronting and embracing emotional baggage

One of Ayahuasca’s known effects is its ability to pull forward unresolved emotions and traumas. In our everyday lives, many of us tend to brush these painful feelings under the carpet, opting for avoidance over confrontation. However, during an Ayahuasca ceremony, the medicine often prompts participants to face these buried emotions head-on.

Imagine being able to vividly revisit those memories you’ve locked away, but this time, not to dwell in pain, but to truly process and heal. As the saying goes, “What you can feel, you can heal.” By experiencing these emotions under the guidance of Ayahuasca, individuals often find a deeper understanding and, in many cases, closure.

Creating a new, strong emotional impact

Yet, Ayahuasca’s magic doesn’t stop at merely making you relive painful moments. There are ceremonies where participants are washed over by overwhelming feelings of self-love, acceptance, and even unconditional love from the universe. Such experiences, marked by their profound emotional depth, can overwrite past traumas, setting a new emotional blueprint. It’s like giving your soul a fresh reference point of love and acceptance, diminishing the shadows of past hurts.

Ayahuasca self worth: Creating a new self – image 

A good friend of mine experienced something powerful in the beginning of his Ayahuasca journey. After two failed business Ayahuasca told him, do not worry about money, soon you will have more than you can spend. And within two years he was able to build a very successful business for himself. Of course, the business did not become successful because of this one ceremony. There were months (and even years) of hard work involved. However, this experience helped him not identify himself as somebody who fails in business but give him the belief system that he will be successful. Something very powerful as well. 

Becoming aware of unconscious patterns

On my personal journey with Ayahuasca, there have been profound moments of insight. The medicine has a way of spotlighting those unconscious behaviors and patterns, born out of low self-worth, that we unknowingly exhibit in our daily lives. For me, understanding my weak boundaries was an eye-opener. Once Ayahuasca highlighted this, I could see it play out in real-world situations, allowing me to consciously change my reactions and thereby transform outcomes.

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Creating the new you with a high self worth and positive self image after Ayahuasca 

Emerging from the intense experience of an Ayahuasca ceremony, one often feels a profound shift within. But the real journey often begins after the Ayahuasca ceremony, your ceremony of life. 

Guarding your newfound insights

With this rebirth of self-awareness, it’s only natural to want to shout your revelations from the rooftops. However, while the excitement is real, there’s wisdom in shielding your newly discovered truths, at least initially. Boldly declaring a newfound self-worth or broadcasting upcoming success can, inadvertently, place undue pressure on you. Instead, channel that energy into actualizing those insights, making tangible changes in your life.

How would a person with high self worth act? 

Each morning, as you navigate through the world, gently ask yourself: “How would someone with robust self-worth handle this situation?” Using this introspective lens, you start to see the past as a reflection of an old self, an identity that need not dictate your present or future. As you evolve and grow, your thoughts, feelings, and actions will naturally start to align with this empowered version of yourself.

Integrate spiritual hygiene

Just as we have routines to maintain our physical health, it’s imperative to cultivate practices that nurture our spiritual well-being. A consistent self-care and self-love regimen can be your spiritual hygiene, helping to shield you from the everyday emotional wear and tear. By regularly engaging in practices that affirm your worth, you not only mentally assert your value but tangibly live it out.

Moreover, the way you speak with yourself has power. Speak to yourself with love, compassion, and kindness. Take actions that reinforce your blossoming self-image, and when life presents you with opportunities – be they challenges or gifts – embrace them fully. Acknowledge that you, in all your authenticity, truly deserve the desires of your heart.

Conclusion: Ayahuasca self worth

Post Ayahuasca, as you stand at the crossroads between the past and the potential, remember that every step forward is a testament to your worth. By aligning your thoughts, actions, and beliefs with your newfound insights, you’re not just declaring your value – you’re living it, proving to yourself and the world that you’re a force of love, strength, and immeasurable worth.


Can Ayahuasca create high self – worth?

Yes, Ayahuasca can create high self – worth. An Ayahuasca ceremony can be a catalyst to process the past, create a new strong emotional impact and create a vision of yourself in the way you want to live your life. However, it then depends on you and how you conduct yourself, and if you life in harmony with this new version of yourself or if you fall back into old patterns. It is also normal and ok to fall back into patterns at some points, however it is important that for the majority of the time you life from the new you. 

How long does it take to change my self worth?

It is usually a longer process to change those deep routed belief systems within us. I would say at least 6 – 18 months, depending on how committed and focused you are on your process. Also especially when very deep triggers come up, it can be that you fall back into old patterns. Do not judge yourself for it, this is a process. 

Can I fail at creating a high self worth with Ayahuasca?

Yes, you can fail. It is not that Ayahuasca is a magic pill and from tomorrow on you will have a high self worth. It is about how you take the impulses and insights gained and how you apply it in your life. And even if you temporarily failed at creating a high self worth, you can also use that as a learning block on how to change things when faced with similar challenges. 

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