Career change after Ayahuasca: What to do when your job feels soul sucking.

Career change after Ayahuasca

The shifts happening after an Ayahuasca retreat can feel like stepping into a new world, and sometimes that world reshapes not just your inner landscapes but your outer ones too. 

A number of people do not feel connected to their current career after drinking Ayahuasca; they have to drag themselves to work, but they want to enjoy and have a deeper purpose behind the work they are engaged in. So how do you change this discrepancy? 

It is also difficult to leave something behind that you have worked the majority of your professional life for. So what are the possible solutions? In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the topic of exploring a career change after drinking Ayahuasca.


Key takeaways: 

  • After an Ayahuasca Retreat it might become apparent that your current career is not in alignment with you anymore. 


  • However, consider if it is more about the company, your attitude towards work, your coworkers etc. that contribute to the resentment that you feel towards your work.  


  • Many times it is our attitude towards work, then the work itself. 


  • By rediscovering the why behind your work, the value you provide to the people around you, why you started with this field to begin with can reconnect you to your profession. 

Table of Contents

Digging Deeper Into The Why Behind Your Career Path

Do you remember the moment when you decided on your career path? Was it a single, defining point in time, or a gradual transition guided by a series of events? For many of us, our career choices are a blend of conscious decisions and subconscious influences, like pieces in an puzzle, fitting together to construct the story of our lives. 

The reasons behind our career paths often reside on a spectrum, which ranges from deeply personal motivations to external persuasions that subtly nudge us down certain lanes.

Perhaps you chose your path for the allure of wealth. In a world that equates success with financial prosperity, this is a common rationale. The thought of a well-filled bank account, the freedom it promises, and the respect it garners are indeed attractive propositions. 

Maybe you chose your profession not for the money itself but for the stability and security it provides, as insurance against life’s unexpected challenges. For many, the pursuit of financial gain isn’t just about materialistic desires but a practical response to the demands of life.

Alternatively, your chosen path might be fueled by a quest for validation. For some, their careers serve as a yardstick for their self-worth, a badge of honor that validates their competence, intelligence, and diligence. 

In a society that measures success through professional achievement, it’s easy to equate our job titles with our identities. We work tirelessly to prove ourselves and meet the high expectations set by society, and in the process, our professions become an integral part of our identity. 

Or maybe your career choice was influenced by your family—an homage to tradition or an effort to fulfill the expectations of your loved ones. You might be walking the path laid down by your parents, consciously or unconsciously emulating their footsteps, driven by a deep-rooted desire to make them proud. 

This could be a path that was chosen out of respect and love for them, or it might be a result of societal or familial pressure. 

Certainly, apart from external influences and pressures, it’s vital not to overlook the power of internal reasoning in shaping our career paths. The voice within us, our intuition, often guides us to avenues that truly resonate with our core values and interests. This inner voice may lead us to a path less travelled, a niche where we can exploit our unique strengths and talents.

Have you ever had moments when something just felt ‘right’? When a decision didn’t need extensive rationalization because it ignited a spark inside you? That’s your intuition speaking. It’s about feeling a magnetic pull towards a career that not only caters to your talents and strengths but also piques your curiosity and fuels your passion.

This intuitive approach to career choice often cultivates a deep sense of fulfillment because it’s born from an inner alignment. It enables you to bring your entire self—your skills, passion, and unique perspective—to your work.

It’s about living in tune with your authentic self and investing your energy in something that truly matters to you. When your career stems from this profound place, work doesn’t feel like a chore but an exciting journey of self-expression and self-realization.

Perhaps you’ll discover that this is an integral part that has been missing in your career choice. And most likely, you have overlooked this aspect of your career choice…

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Your Relationship with Work

Work is a huge part of our lives, the expression of our abilities, and often the vessel of our dreams. We dedicate a considerable chunk of our waking hours to it. So, how we relate to our work isn’t just an incidental detail of life; it can be a decisive factor influencing our overall wellbeing, happiness, and sense of self.

Consider this: do you view your job merely as a means to an end, a necessary burden to keep the bills paid and maintain a certain lifestyle? If your workday mostly brings about stress, anxiety, and a pervasive sense of dread, it’s worth examining why this is the case. 

Perhaps the work environment is hostile or unfulfilling, or the tasks themselves are too demanding or monotonous. It could also be that your work intrudes on your personal life, leaving little room for relaxation or recreation.

 These are not just minor inconveniences; they are significant stressors that can affect your mental and physical health, your relationships, and your overall quality of life. 

You are striving for your job to bring you joy, excitement, and a sense of fulfillment. But most likely you are not feeling that way, and the big question is, how can I find a career that can bring me these aspects and also provide me with financial stability?

Career change after Ayahuasca: Factors that affect your relationship with work 

Our relationship with our profession isn’t always as straightforward as it appears. While on the surface, it might seem like the career path itself is the source of our dissatisfaction, the truth can be a complex mix of multiple underlying factors. Often, it’s not the job but the interplay of other elements that make us question our professional choices. 

Let’s start with company culture, which can significantly influence our work experiences. A supportive, inclusive, and open culture can make even the most challenging tasks seem manageable, boosting our confidence and driving us towards growth. 

On the other hand, a toxic or stifling culture can drain our enthusiasm, leaving us feeling undervalued and overlooked, regardless of the nature of our jobs. 

Next, consider the dynamics within your team. Interpersonal relationships at work can often make or break our job satisfaction. A collaborative, respectful, and harmonious team can foster a sense of belonging, amplifying our motivation and productivity. However, if the team dynamic is fraught with conflict, competition, or a lack of trust, it can make the work environment tense and stressful, diminishing the joy we derive from our profession.

Lastly, it’s crucial to scrutinize our personal attitudes towards work. Are we constantly on the lookout for faults and failures, both in ourselves and others? 

Do we resist change, clinging to old ways of doing things even when they no longer serve us? Or perhaps we’re always in a rush, never taking the time to savor our accomplishments or learn from our mistakes? 

Our attitudes, beliefs, and mindsets can shape our work experiences, often more than we realize. Changing this can have a bigger impact on your level of fulfillment with work than a career change after Ayahuasca.

Disentangling these nuances can be a game-changer in our professional journey. It can guide us in identifying the changes we can effect – be it finding a company with a better culture, striving for healthier team dynamics, or adopting a more positive and flexible attitude towards work. 

It might even lead us to the realization that our profession isn’t the problem; rather, it’s these factors that need our attention. So take a closer look – sometimes, the answers lie not in the profession itself, but in the details surrounding it.

A career shift doesn’t have to be in the field of spirituality 

After observing the facilitators in an Ayahuasca ceremony, you might feel inspired to start working in the spiritual field as well. While such a move can indeed be fulfilling for many, it’s essential to remember that a change in career isn’t always about moving towards spirituality. 

Indeed, the core essence of an enriched life isn’t necessarily confined to the bounds of your profession. Rather, it’s about how you show up in your existing role, irrespective of the field. 

The beauty of a life well lived often lies not in a drastic career shift but in the subtle art of embracing your current profession with renewed vigor, enthusiasm, and a redefined sense of purpose. 

What is the quality of your interactions with your co-workers, your service providers, your customers, your boss, and your subordinates? Can you be more human with them and start fostering deeper relationships with them? 

Forgiving mistakes instead of blaming others, looking for opportunities to give praise instead of criticizing. Greeting them with a big smile and making them feel important and valued. 

These attitudes alone can make a huge difference in how you feel about your work and the feedback you receive. The question is: how can you bring your spirituality, your gift, to your day-to-day life?

In essence, your Ayahuasca journey can be the catalyst for a profound professional transformation, but remember, it’s not always about pivoting towards spirituality. It’s about bringing your transformed self into your existing profession, showing up as your best self, and allowing the magic of growth and change to unfold in its own unique rhythm.

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The Tale of Two Bakers: A Lesson in Perspective

Imagine two bakers, each with the same set of tasks at hand: waking up before dawn, kneading dough, baking bread, and greeting the early risers in their respective bakeries. On the surface, their jobs are identical, but their experiences are vastly different, and it all boils down to perspective.

In the first, the baker views his role through a lens of monotony and drudgery. For him, the early mornings are grueling, the repetitive work feels soul-sucking, and the indifferent faces of his customers amplify his dissatisfaction. 

In his world, he’s simply selling bread—a transactional exchange devoid of purpose or joy. His job, while necessary, feels like a burden, a thankless task that begins when the world is still asleep and continues throughout the day. 

In stark contrast, the second baker approaches his work with an entirely different perspective. Yes, he too wakes up at the crack of dawn and embarks on a day filled with the same tasks as his counterpart. But for him, these are not mere chores; they’re part of a cherished routine that brings him satisfaction and joy. 

Each loaf he bakes represents the promise of a nourishing breakfast, and every customer he greets is an opportunity to set someone off to a great start. For him, he’s not just selling bread; he’s providing a service, a simple yet essential contribution to the lives of his patrons.

So, who among the two is more likely to find joy and fulfillment in their work? Who’s more likely to be successful? Undoubtedly, it’s the second baker. His job and the first baker’s job are materially the same, but his perspective transforms his work into a source of happiness and fulfillment. He understands the value he brings to his customers’ lives and takes pride in it.

This tale serves as a gentle reminder that perhaps all we need sometimes is a shift in perspective and a fresh outlook towards our work. Maybe it’s not about what we do, but how we perceive what we do. Whether we’re bakers, bankers, teachers, or techies, our jobs can offer fulfillment and purpose if we choose to see the value we bring to others’ lives. 

So, take a moment and ponder: are you merely selling bread, or are you providing a service that enhances lives? Your answer might bring about a profound transformation in your professional journey and realize that a change in attitude is more necessary than a career change after Ayahuasca.

Getting fired from your job 

It’s essential to brace yourself for unforeseen shifts in your professional landscape. Once you move a lot of energy in an Ayahuasca retreat, this might shift a lot of things in your life as well. It certainly feels like life is starting to accelerate. Which can also manifest as being fired from your job.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, remember not to slip into a victim mentality or start questioning why this is happening to you. Instead, reflect on the aspects of your job that you were dissatisfied with, which perhaps stifled your growth or dampened your spirit.

Think of this unexpected turn of events as a way of the universe aligning your external circumstances with your inner aspirations. Know that with faith, patience, and a sprinkle of optimism, you will be led towards a path that’s better suited for you, one that offers more fulfillment and personal satisfaction. It’s a matter of believing in yourself and trusting that when one door closes, another opens.

I recall the story of a retreat participant who experienced this first-hand. Right after the retreat, he was fired from his job—a predicament that could have easily spiraled him into despair. But, to his credit, he chose to embrace this abrupt change with grace and positivity. 

He remained steadfast in his faith that something new and better was on the horizon. He didn’t clutch on to the past or let fear cloud his vision. Instead, he opened his heart and mind to the possibilities that lay ahead.

Fast-forward to three months later, and he was already reaping the rewards of his optimistic outlook. He landed a new job, one that demanded half the hours of his previous one (with the same pay) and offered him the flexibility to work remotely. 

This new arrangement allowed him to reclaim his time and live life more on his terms. This shift would not have been possible had he not lost his old job, an event that is easily perceived as unfortunate.

His story serves as an inspiring example of how we can turn a seemingly unfavorable situation into a launchpad for a more fulfilling career and life. So, if you’re yearning for a career change after Ayahuasca and find your old job slipping away, don’t resist the process. Let go of the past with gratitude and open your arms to welcome the new chapter. Embrace this transition with trust, confidence, and the unwavering belief that new doors are ready to open up for you. 

Life has a way of surprising us with its timing and offerings, often delivering precisely what we need when we are ready to receive it. So stay receptive, stay hopeful, and above all, stay open to the wonder of change.

My personal transition into a new field 

The realization that your current profession no longer serves your aspirations can be a daunting one. It was for me when I was faced with the same crossroads. 

Deep down, I knew that I do not want to continue with my current profession for the next three years. I felt a stirring within, a call for change that was too profound to ignore.

But even as I acknowledged this desire for a new professional journey, I also made a conscious decision to bring my best self to my existing work. After all, complaining about the things I disliked about my job would only pull me down, trapping me in a whirlpool of negativity and dissatisfaction. 

Instead, I chose to focus on doing my best and making the most of the present. I recognized that it served me better to pour my energy and effort into my current role, thereby fostering a mindset that’s conducive to growth and progress.

It’s amazing how this shift in attitude can influence our experiences. When we strive to give our best, irrespective of the circumstances, we invite positivity and productivity into our lives. Each day becomes an opportunity to improve, to learn, and to prepare for the future. 

It becomes a stepping stone towards the next phase of our professional journey, subtly equipping us with the skills, wisdom, and resilience we need to embrace new opportunities when they arise. 

True to this belief, when the time was right, my opportunity for a career change after Ayahuasca presented itself. It was as if my commitment to excellence in my current role had paved the way for this new chapter, validating my faith in the power of positivity and hard work.

So, if you’re standing where I once stood, discontented with your job, feeling its soul-sucking energy, I urge you not to surrender to a victim identity. Take responsibility for where you are, not as a means to blame yourself, but as a path to reclaim your power. 

Strive to do the best you can, each day, despite the circumstances. Cultivate a vision for how you want your professional life to unfold, set an intention, and then let go, trusting in the process of life.

Set your intention and allow for life to develop

Remember, life seldom moves in straight lines. It has a way of circling around, presenting opportunities when we least expect them. The trick is to stay prepared, to stay positive, and to stay committed to your growth, even when the path ahead looks uncertain. 

Have faith in your journey, knowing that every step you take today is leading you closer to your desired future. The road to change might be long and winding, but with patience and perseverance, you’ll navigate it successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions to career change after Ayahuasca

Experiencing a sense of boredom or monotony in your career after an Ayahuasca retreat isn’t uncommon. Ayahuasca often brings about deep internal changes, which can shift your perspective on various aspects of life, including your profession. If you’re feeling this way, it might be time for introspection. Consider what aspects of your job you find unsatisfying. Is it the job itself, or certain factors like company culture or work-life balance? Identifying these elements can help guide your next steps. Remember, change doesn’t necessarily have to be drastic. Sometimes, a simple shift in perspective or attitude can reignite your passion for your work.

Ayahuasca can prompt a profound shift in how we view ourselves and our place in the world, which can naturally extend to our professional lives. However, remember that a shift in career doesn’t necessarily mean pivoting to a spirituality-focused profession. The key is to align your profession with your evolved sense of self and purpose. Listen to your intuition, consider consulting with a career counselor or a mentor, and remember that it’s okay to take your time in making such a significant decision.

Identifying your post-Ayahuasca career path often involves a period of self-reflection and exploration. You may find that your professional interests and aspirations have shifted or become more defined. Start by identifying your strengths, passions, and values. What are the activities that make you feel fulfilled and engaged? What are the causes that move you? From there, consider the type of work environments and roles that align with these insights. You might also find it helpful to seek advice from a career counselor or a mentor, or even to experiment with new roles or fields before making a final decision. Trust in the journey and know that it’s okay to explore and try out different paths.

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