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Ayahuasca retreat

I was very fortunate to have found Oliver for my 50th re-birthday. He is extremely organized and responsible, was always present whenever I had questions. We were a big group of 16 people and putting a retreat together was an ordeal in itself but Oliver came through in every step of the preparation which resulted in a life changing beauty and kindness filled 4 days.

I can’t recommend Oliver high enough - he is an amazing human and I am forever grateful to him


I had a wonderful experience with Oliver and his crew. The location is crazy beautiful, the event was very well organized, and most importantly- I felt I was in good hands so I could immerse completely in the experience. also got super important integration assistance from Oliver after the event had ended. I Will come back for sure. Highly recommended 💫🌱🐲

Ayahuasca retreat Colombia feedback

Definitely a life-changing experience!! Oliver was an amazing host 🤩 I loved how he incorporated various activities to create community & make us all feel comfortable beforehand. It is a great retreat especially for your first time. Very safe & supportive & caring environment. I look forward to coming back here again once it calls to me ✨

Participant Ayahuasca retreat Colombia Sher

Oliver has done such an AMAZING job of creating this retreat center. He works with experienced shamans, and is extremely intentional about the community he creates. 100% recommend for a center that is close to Medellin and has numerous options to make sure you're well-accompanied through your journey!


Just, wow!! It's been one of the most transformative experiences I've ever had. Felt safe and looked after by Oliver and co all the way through. Thanks to the way they facilitated the space, many valuable Life Insights came through that later were possible to integrate into daily life here in Europe.


A heart opening experience revealing a deep love and connection to my higher self. The location is gorgeous and the facilitators are welcoming and kind. I felt safe to let go and surrender completely. I highly recommend you experience it for yourself.

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Participant Ayahuasca retreat Colombia Janine

Had a beautiful and mind blowing experience at the Guacamayo retreat in the North of Medellin up in the mountains. Magical Place with an amazing view over the city. Immediately felt connected to the Finca. Literally felt like home. Oliver and his stuff is just amazing. Great Food, Conversations and lots of good Energy and Love to share. Private Accommodations or Dorms are available and the beds are comfy. Also Oliver got a very caring and gentle Soul. During the Ceremony he was watching out for every single person in particular.

We felt save and comfortable in every Situation during the whole time we were staying there. What i found very special about this Retreat and Ceremony, everybody gets a comfy adjustable armchair which you can also fold out to a lying surface. It was always checked that everything was clean and tidy. Hope i will be back soon to join another Experience at Guacamayo. Wish you all the best Oliver, your are a fantastic Guy. Thanks again for all you did for the Group. See you soon.


So this was my experience after visiting Oliver and his beautiful retreat. First I can start for by saying, me and my friend showed up to the retreat which is located in a breathtaking mountainside overlooking all of Medellin, the landscape instantly caught my attention.

As we approached the retreat we had instantly felt a connection with these people. Oliver was very kind and warming, he made us feel very comfortable. Nothing felt off. The shaman “Sergio” had amazing energy, and a lot of experience with this plant medicine. I came to this retreat to overcome some serious issues I was having deep within myself. I had no idea how powerful of an influence that this medicine could have on the mind. I’m so fortunate I took the chance to reach out to this group of amazing people.

Please, if you’re struggling, do not hesitate to reach out and receive help! You will not be disappointed! This is definitely the real deal.


Another successful ceremony with Oliver and his team.

SET: Oliver is generous with his time, and prior discussions helped with my preparations before the ceremony along with setting my intention.

SETTING: Oliver partners with a very, warm, knowledgeable, and caring shaman. Competent, caring and positive, everyone pulled together to cultivate a level of trust that is so important during a ceremony where one feels so vulnerable. Relatively new to this space, I really felt supported.

The environment is wonderful, a grand Finca in the hills, setting on a ridge with beautiful views that cultivate peace and a deep meditative space. So far, I've had 2 private ceremonies and one public. I feel that I am making good progress. If you feel you are being called to this work. Oliver offers several different programs and ceremonies both private and public. I recommend that you reach out to Oliver, ask questions, get comfortable and take advantage of his skills and experience.

Participant Ayahuasca retreat Colombia Asya

Oliver organized and guided our group in January 2023. Holotropic breathing, that he first explained and then lead had a huge impact on each and everyone in our group. He also helped to go through several ceremonies to each one of us with gentleness, kindness and total understanding.

Oliver own experience, gentle nature, kindness, understanding and williness to share his thoughtsand life experiences and anwser to inquiries and questions make him such a huge part of totally unique, unpalleled and deeply spiritual experiencies that we went through. A huge thank you to you, Oliver!


If you are looking for an authentic ayahuasca experience and not prepared to pay thousands of dollars for a lifestyle retreat, this is the place to be. It’s secluded on a mountain top with amazing views. The setup feels very comfy and natural too. It’s hands down the best spot for Aya ceremony in Medellin especially if you are new to it and don’t speak much Spanish… which both were true in my case. Not only Oliver and his team are very knowledgeable and provide extremely detailed guidance, they are so kind and welcoming. Oliver was very attentive throughout the journey and the Shaman Sergio is a master in its kind.

I also met and connected with other women during the ceremony. needlessly to say it’s very safe. You’ll be in good hands :).





Oliver has a retreat on the outskirts of town. It is quite beautiful, with a nice view of the city and feels very safe. He was very accommodating with setting up a private retreat on short notice. Would definitely recommend.


This was my first ceremony and I gotta say it was absolutely life changing. I’ve heard of ayahuasca before but never knew exactly what it was until I finally tried it. If you want to know more about the plant medicine I highly recommend doing some research before going into the ceremony that way you get the most out of it.

Participant Ayahuasca retreat Colombia Monica

I experienced a wonderful 3 day retreat with Oliver and his team. I have sat in Aya ceremonies several times and this was a very loving and heart-opening retreat. I love that they provide transportation from different parts of Medellin (to and from). They also catered to my dietary restrictions of being a vegetarian and gluten free.

The accommodations were great, the team very nice, the diversity of activities was perfect and the conversation and connection offered by Oliver is priceless. I will definitely go again when I am back in Medellin. Thank you Oliver!

Participant Ayahuasca retreat Colombia Paola

It has been a wonderful experience sharing and learning about medicine in this place, everyone was very kind and attentive. Excellent hospitality. The view of the landscape is incredible. I am very grateful to Oliver and his staff, I will be back very soon 😊🙏🏻✨


It’s been a great experience. It’s a place in the hills, with a great view and vibe. The facilitators of the experience was really helpful guiding us through the journey and leading experience with trust.

Participant Ayahuasca retreat Colombia Jackelin

I had one of the best experiences of my life in this place, thanks Oliver and team for giving us what we needed during our journey. Also, the place is so beautiful it's perfect to get in touch with your inner self. I highly recommend this place to whoever needs to experience something beyond natural.

Participant Ayahuasca retreat Colombia Dora

I had a wonderful experience. It was my first ceremony and I feel that I chose the right place for it. The venue is amazing, Oliver is a great host and the food prepared by Clarita (beautiful person) is tasty and more than enough. As being my first time, I was looking for a place where I could feel safe and had professional support. I found it all with Oliver. Btw, he speaks Hungarian which for me was icing on the cake. 🙂

I was also lucky to meet wonderful people: small group size created it friendly environment for all of us. I definitely recommend you this place! Thank you Oliver


Had an incredible experience doing a private ceremony at Oliver retreat! From an ROI standpoint, I am confident I will get a 1000X return on the money I paid because this ceremony gave me some extremely valuable perspective on my business and where I want to take it in the next year. I feel more excited and motivated than ever to continue expanding my business and expanding my life.

I highly recommend connecting with Oliver if you are considering these ceremonies as a tool to help you maximize your potential in any area of your life.

Cacao ceremony Medellin

Beautiful place, an atmosphere to remember. All the people who run the ceremony were very kind and attentive

The best part is that the people who attend also want to improve; so you don't feel judged because everyone is in a different process. Oliver is one of the kindest people I have ever met.

Participant Ayahuasca retreat Colombia Laura

It took me a while to write this review as I wanted to wait until everything had settled down within me after the transformational retreat.

The week in Oliver's, with Sergio serving the medicine, was absolutely amazing. We started the week with an ice bath, which was something I'd never tried before. We also got a 1 hour massage later in the week. It was these little extras that gave a layer of comfort that I definitely appreciated.

Doing ayahuasca 4 times in 1 week was a commitment that really challenged me, but delivered what it was I needed. The Ceremonies just blew my mind.... with Julian and Sergio playing music. The energy that emits from Sergio is other worldly!!! Oliver took time to speak with us each individually to talk through any visions or questions in general we had and to ease any concerns on the lead up to the Ceremony. I had some trauma come up during the Ceremonies, and I was so impressed with how I was cared for both during and after... it was handled so well by Oliver and Sergio🙏

Thanks guys.... I'll be coming back again for sure💯💯💯


Ayahuasca retreat

What a great place to disconnect with the stress of your daily life and make room to connect with yourself! I attended an ayahuasca retreat here and I'm so glad that I did.

It's such a beautiful, safe, and relaxing space on a finca in the mountains outside of Medellin, and Oliver and his team are amazing. They explain in detail everything you need to know about the medicine, from the preparation you need to do beforehand, to the effects during the ceremony, to making sense of the insights gained from the experience. They are so dedicated to making you feel comfortable and safe so that you can get the most out of this life-changing experience.

Everything was perfect, especially the team of facilitators and the many hours of beautiful music they perform during the ceremony, the breathwork session to open the evening, the setting in a beautiful home in the middle of nature, and the love and good vibes they create to the experience so special.

Participant Ayahuasca retreat Colombia Liz

I full heartedly recommend being in retreat with Oliver. He has a quality about him that makes you feel safe, heard, seen as well as deeply guided - while making room for you own intuition and inner guidance.

It was my first experience with yagé and I was definitely nervous before the retreat. However, Oliver helped set up the experience perfectly - he made sure we had all the details before arriving and even met with us beforehand to get to know us better, address any questions or doubts and clarify what the whole process would look like. I walked into the experience definitely anxious (in a good way) to see what would happen, but knowing deep down that all was taken care of and I could trust the process. I also loved how Oliver met us a couple weeks after the retreat for an integration session. This work is so deep and you can tell that Oliver holds such a reverence for the medicine, the process, and the people on his retreats. It was a true gift to be in retreat with this gentle yet powerful soul.

He really pours his whole heart into every process and it is so felt. My experience with yagé was life-changing, clarifying and activated a soul-rembrance. <3 Thank you, Oliver.

Testimonials Ice Warrior


Transformational event. The quality of men here is really hard to find!


It’s a great group of guys, beautiful location, everything was just the right amount


This is an awesome place to connect in brotherhood


I got so much liveliness out of it


It's a great group of guys, beautiful location, everything was just the right amount


On our journey to maximise our potential there is a lot of pressure and sharing this process has helped me understand myself better


I had a lot of breakthroughs and big realizations that really helped me. 


This is absolutely fantastic, people want to learn, the brains are switched on, great energy 

Testimonial Coaching:


It has been invaluable working with Oliver, his level of commitment to my growth is incredible. 


It was a gamechanger for me. I highly recommend it. 


 Oliver did a great job with practical grounded advice that helped me create momentum in my business. 



 I am very happy to have explored a lot of inner parts of myself that I would not normally go to. 


Holotropic breathwork experience Medellin

Holotropic breathwork Medellin

I had a very uplifting and healing breathwork session with Oliver. I have been to several other guided breath sessions at expensive retreats, and this was the best. It was intense, but after the session, I felt extremely clear and light. Oliver uses a deeper, more powerful technique that I really enjoyed. Oliver also does a top-rate job of leading the session for both experienced breathers and novices.

Katherine breathwork Medellin

I went to Olivers' breathwork class and was so glad I did. Breathwork always sounded intimidating but once I arrived, the environment was so relaxing and comforting. It felt I was truly giving back to myself. Thank you Oliver!


I had a great experience. The team was very kind, knowledgeable, and attentive to our needs.

More Impressions:

Food with a great view
Sharing circle
smile Ayahuasca Medellin

Some more Feedback


Upon leaving the Ayahuasca retreat, I was blown away by the depth of knowledge and wisdom Oliver provided us in one week's time.
It was evident that the planning of the order and duration of the various activities was done with great intent. The Taitas served us with great care.
There were rest days for integration of the insights received, as well as activities such as yoga, an ice bath, a Temazcal, and a little gardening.
If you are being called to go, to truly experience Life, just go. Oliver will take great care of you.


Oliver is the man! A wonderful human being to talk to, he is very resourceful and knowledgeable in many areas. I have been a part of two of his sessions and am looking to get to involved with a ice bath this year. His ceremonies and connection to the community is unreal, I highly recommend checking out his facility and even talking to him via a video chat. Thank you much senor Olivier.


I had a ceremony with these kind humans last weekend and I felt very well supported and the space and facilitation was above expectations with care and thoughtful guidance. My friends felt safe and open to express themselves fully exploring emotions and deep memories. All of this is topped off with a beautiful sunrise celebrating the rebirth we have experienced.


I did a ceremony with Oliver and had a great time. It was incredible being at the Finca in the mountains above the clouds, and we all meditated + did breathwork beforehand to get grounded. It took a toll sleepwise as it was overnight but was a great experience and very valuable for self reflection. Would definitely recommend!


Highly recommended! If you’re looking for some inner work along with networking with like minded individuals this is the place to be. It’s like meditation on steroids too lol.


I had a great experience. The team was very kind, knowledgeable, and attentive to our needs.

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