Connecting with the spirit world and ancient civilisations through Ayahuasca

ayahuasca spirit world

Throughout history, different cultures have created a connection with the spirit world, seeking communication, guidance, and insight from beyond the ordinary. 

The intention to connect with the spirit world (or ancient and advanced civilizations) is not uncommon among Ayahuasca participants. Yet, as intriguing and mysterious as this undertaking may sound there are some traps to avoid. 

In case this is your intention when approaching Ayahuasca, there are multiple things to consider which we will dissect in this blog post. 

Key takeaways: 

  • The original reason why Indigenous shamans used to drink Ayahuasca was to connect with the spirit world and with plant spirits.


  • It is even possible to connect with ancient & advanced civilisations through Ayahuasca


  • These types of experiences one cannot force. They happen when they happen. Many seekers of these types of experience are using this fascination as a level of escapism to not face personal challenges.

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Communicating with Plant Spirits: the original reason to drink Ayahuasca

The indigenous shamansof the amazon (called Taitas and Mamitas) have, for centuries, engaged in a profound communion with the natural world. At the heart of this connection is Ayahuasca with the primary purpose for these healers to establish a link to the spirit world and connecting with plant spirits. These plants, viewed as living entities with distinct consciousness, have been teachers and guides for the shamans.

When drinking Ayahuasca, one can distinctly feel the connection to other plant medicines for example the tobacco plant or the coca leaf (and just as much with many other plant medicines). By drinking, smoking, eating a plant, the consciousness of the plant comes to ones consciousness and expands and develops within oneself to help guide on one’s path. 

To a Western mind, such beliefs might sound esoteric or “woo-woo.” However, it’s intriguing to note the parallels with quantum physics. At its core, recent scientific discoveries confirm the ancient understanding by asserting that everything, at its most fundamental level, is energy. The indigenous shamans, through Ayahuasca, tapped into this energetic realm, creating a symbiotic relationship with the spirts of the plants.  

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Ayahuasca’s Connection to Ancient Civilizations & Extraterrestrials

Ayahuasca’s realm of influence isn’t just limited to the spirits of plants. Some participants / and guides report connections with far older and distant entities: ancient civilizations and even extraterrestrials. While such claims might raise eyebrows or even provoke skepticism, they are part of the mosaic of experiences reported by various Ayahuasca participants.

In the beginning I was sceptical about these reports and was attributing them more to attention seeking individuals with a vivid imagination. Over time I have had many conversations with people in the plant medicine space that I deeply respect about this subject. They usually don’t tell you about these experiences but have told me that they did connect with these realms. 

At this point I have not experienced this in any of my ceremonies but from these conversations I can confidently share that there is a mysterious connection between Ayahuasca and ancient / advanced civilisations. 

High – level of curiosity generated by these topics: 

The magic of the spirit world, ancient civilizations, and extraterrestrials naturally sparks intense curiosity. There’s an innate human desire to explore the unknown, to seek out answers to questions that have captivated our imaginations for generations. Rather than merely hearing about these experiences second-hand, through mediums like YouTube videos or books, many are drawn to the idea of directly encountering these realms. 

This deep-seated curiosity drives some individuals to go on their own spiritual journeys, hoping for a first-hand glimpse into the mysteries of existence. 

You cannot force these types of experiences or connections

While the desire to connect with these fascinating topics may be strong, one cannot simply force these experiences. Usually people only connect with these realms deep into their path of Ayahuasca (after multiple years). It takes time to build that level of stability and consciousness. Some of these experiences can be very ungrounding for which one in most cases is not ready for in the beginning of the path of Ayahuasca. 

Interestingly, while newcomers to Ayahuasca might hope for a mystical encounter with ancient civilizations or extraterrestrials, such profound experiences frequently present themselves to those who aren’t specifically seeking them out. It’s similiar to the paradox of chasing a butterfly: the more you chase, the more elusive it becomes. But when you sit quietly, immersing yourself in the present, the butterfly might just choose to land on you.

Therefore, while it’s natural to approach Ayahuasca with hopes and expectations, the key is to surrender to the experience, allowing the medicine to guide the journey rather than narrowing it down to having to connect with ancient civilisations. This surrender and trust often pave the way for the most profound and unexpected revelations.

What type of people generally look for these experiences 

I am about to generalize a bit, which of course is not correct 100 % of the times, but there is a general trend. People who are fascinated by these topics, are looking for the these extraordinary experiences, are usually people with a lot of curiosity. 

Yet, there’s an irony here. Often, those who are most eager to delve into the mysteries of ancient civilizations or communicate with extraterrestrial beings through Ayahuasca are the very same individuals who have glaring unresolved personal issues or imbalances in their lives. This isn’t to say that being curious about the wider universe is a sign of personal neglect. Rather, for some, the allure of the mysterious can act as a form of escapism.

Instead of confronting and addressing their internal challenges or past traumas, they become fascinated with the idea of experiencing something grand and external. 

This pursuit, while exciting, can sometimes act as a distraction from the deeper, transformative healing that is more pressing in one’s journey. 

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Example: What are the origins of the pyramids:

At a retreat I heard of, there was a telling example of how diverse intentions can be when approaching Ayahuasca. Among 15 participants, each grappling with their unique challenges and seeking personal growth, stood out one individual. His primary intention for participating in the retreat? A burning desire to discover who built the pyramids.

The pyramids, with their mystery combined with ancient knowledge, have always captured human imagination. While the quest for such knowledge is undeniably captivating, it brings forth the question: How does this information serve one’s personal growth?

I wish I was at a point in my life where my biggest concern was who built the pyramids… 🙂 

Most people go on the path of Ayahuasca for the purpose of self-discovery, healing past wounds, finding clarity, removing blackages and becoming the best version of themselves.  While seeking answers about ancient civilizations or cosmic entities can be a fascinating detour, it might not directly contribute to one’s inner healing or growth.

Conclusion: Ayahuasca spirit world

Ayahuasca offers a pathway to the spirit world, inviting seekers into a vast expanse of untold wisdom and ancient knowledge.

However, as with many spiritual journeys, Ayahuasca does not simply cater to our desires; it responds to our deepest needs. Ayahuasca does not give you what you want, it gives you what you need. 

We must remember that sometimes this yearning for the extraordinary can be a distraction from our own personal challenges.

As we hold a lot of curiosity of such profound experiences, it’s essential to prioritize. Dive into the depths of your soul first, build a robust inner foundation, and then, with that stability and grounding, you can venture into the expansive mysteries of the universe.


Can you connect with the spirit world on Ayahuasca? 

Yes, Ayahuasca can connect you with the spirit word. It was the original reasons why thousands of years ago indigenous shamans of the Amazon where drinking Ayahuasca. 

Can you see extraterrestrials on Ayahuasca? 

Yes, it is possible to see extraterrestrials on Ayahuasca, however it is not a common experience. The recommendation is to not drink Ayahuasca for wanting to dive into those realms. This is not something that you can force. Drink for your own personal healing & growth and when these experiences are meant to happen in your life they will. 

Ayahuasca spirit world: Why did the indigenous want to connect with the spirit world? 

There is a lot more to this world than what we can perceive with our 5 senses. There is a lot more knowledge and wisdom around us. By connecting to those realms, one can come back with insights that help serve in the day to day life. This is most likely how the shamans originally discovered Ayahuasca. This is the way that the shamans found different plants to help heal certain diseases. 


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