Ayahuasca Purpose – Can Ayahuasca help you discover your purpose?

Ayahuasca purpose

Finding your life’s purpose is a game-changer. When you know what you’re meant to do, you just have more energy and a clearer sense of direction. No more feeling lost or wondering if life has any real meaning. In my humble opinion, everybody should make the effort to discover their purpose.

Ever hit that spot where you wonder, “What am I really here for?” It’s not just some random thought; it’s the big question that can change how we navigate through life. Having a clear purpose is like getting a roadmap. Suddenly, things make sense, choices get easier, and you’ve got that extra kick in your step. No more feeling stuck, like you’re just going through the motions. Honestly, everyone should take some time to figure this out—it’s a game changer, a significant step in our journey of life. 

Now, there has been some buzz about Ayahuasca helping in this quest. Is there any truth to it? Let’s find out.

Key takeaways: 

  • Maybe Ayahuasca shows you other things to work on before encountering your purpose 
  • Your purpose can develop after your retreat, pay attention where your intuition and inspiration leads you to. 
  • Creating a vision for your life in an Ayahuasca ceremony is also possible
  • Having the encounter with death on the state of Ayahuasca is often a building block to discover your purpose of life 
  • Familiarize yourself with certain questions before, during and after your ceremony that can help to guide you 

Table of Contents

How Ayahuasca can help you find your purpose

Maybe you are not ready to encounter your purpose

Sometimes you’re hoping Ayahuasca will just lay it out for you in a ceremony. Like, “Boom! Here’s your purpose.” But life (and Ayahuasca) doesn’t always work that way. There might be stuff you’ve got to sort out first. For instance, I went into one of my earlier ceremonies hoping for some grand revelation about my path. Instead, Ayahuasca showed me to clean up certain parts of my life first. The message was, “Before you run, learn to walk.”

Finding your purpose after your Ayahuasca retreat

But here’s the thing: Your purpose might show up in subtle ways after your ceremony. Maybe you feel a pull to try something new or feel a fresh burst of inspiration. That’s Ayahuasca working in its mysterious ways. It’s nudging you, guiding you. If you’re open to it, you might find yourself wandering down an unexpected road and your purpose starts to become clear t to you. 

The indigenous always share to not just look for the awe-inspiring moments of the Ayahuasca ceremony, chasing the next realization. The real work is in the days, weeks and month after the ceremony. What shifts do you start noticing. Depending on your intention, things will most likely still develop in that direction for you, even though not as noticeably if you do not pay attention. 

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Facing the Inevitability of Death During an Ayahuasca Ceremony

An Ayahuasca ceremony can bring one face-to-face with many profound realizations, and one of the most intense ones is the confrontation with death. It’s more common for those individuals with the intention to discover their life’s purpose.

On a cognitive level, we’re all well aware of the inevitable – that at some point, we’re going to depart from this life. Yet, do our daily choices and actions reflect this awareness? Personally, I never really thought about death, I logically new one day the day will come, probably in my 70s. So when I am in my 60s I’ll start dealing with that topic. And then in an Ayahuasca ceremony I found that life does not necessarily work like that… Might not be a big revelation on the outside looking in, but for me it was significant. 

Having to confront the concept of death, even if it’s only within extraordinary state of reality of Ayahuasca is a wake up call. It’s not just something you see in your ceremony and then get back to your life as if nothing happens. You start to meditate on that topic. This profound encounter forced me to introspect deeply, to re-evaluate my priorities and the trajectory of my life. 

It spurred a series of critical self-inquiries. How do I envision the rest of my life playing out? What legacy do I aspire to leave behind? What kind of impact do I yearn to make during my time here? Important questions to ask yourself and they helped me shift my life where I can deliver an impact and live with that spark of life on a daily basis. 

Finding your life purpose in an Ayahuasca ceremony

Many people associate Ayahuasca with healing the past and processing the traumas that still haunt affects the actions of today. And Ayahuasca is great for that. However, life is not just about figuring out the past. It is just as much about the present (most likely even more :)) and the vision we want to create for ourselves. What type of values do I want to live by, how can I live in higher integrity, where am I standing in my own way. Those are all important questions to consider and can also tie into encountering your purpose in an Ayahuasca ceremony. 

A ceremony can give you a sneak peek of your potential. It’s like seeing a trailer for a movie about your best self. And the best part? Once you’ve seen it, it’s hard to shake off. That vision sticks with you, influencing the choices you make, pushing you closer to that best-version-of-you. 

Sam Believ had a vision in the Colombian Amazon Rainforest about building a retreat center. Following this impulse (coupled with a lot of work) he was able to build a thriving Ayahuasca Retreat Center. Check out the fruits of his labour here:

In simple words, Ayahuasca doesn’t just show you your life’s ‘could haves’ and ‘should haves.’ It gives you a solid idea of the ‘could bes’ and gives you the strength to pursue them.  

Ayahuasca purpose: Something important to consider – know the environment you are in 

Let’s be real for a moment. The Ayahuasca environment feels like you are in a different world – it feels mystical, special and significant. This isn’t just because of the Ayahuasca itself. It’s also the setting, the ceremony, and most importantly, the dedicated team that facilitates the experience. These individuals typically live with an immense sense of integrity and purpose, which resonates deeply with those participating in the ceremony.

Now, imagine you’re someone who’s been feeling a bit lost, directionless, or simply searching for a purpose. The intensity of the Ayahuasca experience, combined with the admiration for the team guiding you, might lead you to a thought: “Maybe this is my calling too. Maybe I should dedicate my life to working with Ayahuasca.”

And who knows? For some, this might indeed be the path they were meant to walk. The magic of the ceremony, the deep connection to nature and spirit, and the powerful transformations they witness could genuinely be the signposts indicating their life’s purpose.

However, a word of caution is in order. When we’re searching, especially when we feel somewhat adrift, it’s easy to latch onto something powerful, thinking it’s our path. In this vulnerable state, there’s a risk of adopting someone else’s passion and purpose as our own, simply because it feels magnetic and meaningful in the moment.

It’s essential to give yourself time after the ceremony, to step back and reflect. Ask yourself: “Is this truly my path, or am I drawn to it because it provided clarity in a moment of uncertainty?” After all, while Ayahuasca can undoubtedly offer profound insights, it’s vital to ensure that the direction you’re headed in is genuinely yours, and not just a reflection of someone else’s journey.

Many times it has a lot more to do with the attitude of what we are doing than the thing itself, for that check out the blog: Career changes after Ayahuasca 

Questions to help uncover your purpose (Ayahuasca purpose) 

Whether with the help of Ayahuasca or without, introspection is a powerful tool. The right questions – can serve as an internal compass, guiding us toward the true north of our life’s purpose. However, when coupled with the heightened awareness that Ayahuasca offers, these questions can become profound catalysts, digging deep into the layers of our psyche.

That said, just taking Ayahuasca and expecting it to hand you all the answers on a silver platter might leave you disappointed. This journey is a relationship; while Ayahuasca can offer insights and clarity, it’s also requires you to come prepared, be attentive during, and continue the self-work after the ceremony. 

So, let’s delve into the questions that can help you discover your purpose:

  1. Who do I want to assist or impact? 

This doesn’t mean you need a massive platform or aim to change the world. Maybe it’s a specific community, age group, or even just a handful of individuals. Who do you feel like really needs your help, with who (and their pain) do you resonate with? 

  1. What flows effortlessly from me?

We all have certain talents or skills that seem innate, things we do without thinking that leave others amazed.

  1. What am I frequently complimented on? 

Sometimes, outsiders can see our strengths clearer than we can. What do people around you appreciate or admire about you?

  1. What am I passionate about?

What activity or cause sets your soul on fire, making hours seem like minutes?

  1. Remembering childhood interests:

Think back to your younger self. What hobbies or pastimes filled your days? Often, our childhood passions are indicators of our innate interests and inclinations.

  1. Financial Freedom Fantasy

Put aside practical concerns for a moment. If money wasn’t an obstacle, once you’ve satisfied your wanderlust, how would you truly want to spend your days?

  1. Leveraging your skillset

Consider the skills and knowledge you’ve amassed from your career and life experiences. How might these be fused with new interests or industries to carve out a unique niche or path

Remember, these questions aren’t meant to be pressure points but guiding lights. They’re tools in your self-discovery toolbox. Whether you’re pondering them in quiet solitude or within an Ayahuasca ceremony, they can pave the way toward clearer understanding and purpose.

Conclusion: Can I discover my purpose on Ayahuasca? : 

Yes, you can discover your purpose on Ayahuasca, however it is not as simple as just drinking Ayahuasca. It also has to be the right time for you to find your purpose, maybe you are not ready yet to discover it or have other topics that are more pressing for your spiritual growth. Often times, people with the intention of discovering their purpose, start to have intuitive hunches weeks / months after the ceremony. By following those, it can help you to find your purpose. Asking yourself the right questions, before, during and after the Ayahuasca ceremony can also help you discover your purpose. 

This is a big questions of life, and Ayahuasca can help with that, however it takes a lot of effort on your part as well. 


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