Ayahuasca healing: healing vs. improvement

Ayahuasca healing

You are probably a person who works a lot on himself / herself. You want to create a great life for yourself and you understand that you have to level up in order to create that. 

And honestly I am in the same boat as you. Ive been into personal development since my early 20s. Tthe personal development was mostly focused on business skills, productivity, sales, marketing, scaling all that kind of stuff. Also of course around the topic of self-confidence. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Many times we are focusing on improving our lives and overlook the importance of healing the pieces which are broken and hold us down. 


  • Acknowledging the event that we have not processed and are affecting our day-to – day life. 


  • Ayahuasca can help you become aware that you need healing in areas that you did not even know you needed and deliver these emotional shifts

Table of Contents

First Personal healing experience with Ayahuasca: 

When i then drank Ayahuasca 2,5 years ago a lot of things started to shift in me. But basically my first ceremony I had love flowing through my whole body and it was a transcendental experience and it helped me heal on a very deep level. And since then I have started to learn more the difference of the two, improvement and healing. 

The path of self-improvement: 

So lets say you have experienced a strong emotional impact which is still affecting you today. It can be a failure in business, betrayal of friend or family, a heartbreak whatever it is for you. And you decide. Hey, I never want to feel like this again. I feel helpless, overwhelmed, all of this. 

So the solution is to level up. Because a better version of myself it wouldnt happen again. 

  • So you start to build a successful business 
  • You get in the gym and get in great shape. 
  • You are starting to date attractive people 

You basically improve your life. And congratulations! You did amazing, you can be proud of yourself. And those are great pillars. But they are not the foundation… 

Because deep down you are still not ready to open your heart. To really trust somebody. Because you associate that from being disappointed, from being hurt. 

And in a way all of this success that you are creating for yourself is also running away from the pain. 

You notice that your life around you is improving. But your level of happiness really isn’t. But why is that. 

The path of Ayahuasca healing: 

Because you haven’t healed. You haven’t processed the negative impact. You tried to mask it with success. 

So don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with success, it is great and I congratulate you for putting in the work in that area. But it is not the only area. 

You also need to start healing from the pain that you suffered. And it will leave a scar, and it is okay. But you definitely want to get to a point where you don’t bring your past pain into the present situation. 

That you are afraid to be yourself, because you where bullied as a kid

That you cannot trust your current partner because of what your ex did 

That you cannot build meaningful friendships because your old friend betrayed you 

That you are afraid to start a new business, because of what happened to the old one 

That you cannot hug your mother, father, sibling whoever in your family because of what happened in the past.

Because that is going to weigh you down. And no amount of success can mask that. 

How do you heal the wounds of the past

So then the question is, how do I heal, and this is a topic in and of itself, probably more like a 3 hour conversation. So I will write a lot of blog posts about this. 

But healing is not about becoming the best version of yourself but accepting the worst aspects of yourself. 

Its about feeling all the emotions that you have been running away from. 

Facing those aspects of yourself.. 

Its about compassion and forgiveness. 

Making peace with the past. 

And if you can do that, you will start to heal. 

This is not something that you do with your head. Oh ok, I have to forgive that person. I have to accept that I failed in that business, ok check. 

No you actually really have to feel it in your heart

Have acceptance come in for the negative things that happened in your life and eventually there will even be gratitude. 

And I know this probably sounds like it is very far away for you at this moment. It is ok. 

But I hope you start to understand the difference between improvement and healing and that you start doing the work in this area as well. 

You can do this with a therapist, with a coach, with plant medicines like Ayahuasca. 

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How Healing Works Through Ayahuasca: 

The mysterious and profound experience of Ayahuasca has been considered a catalyst for healing across different cultures and spiritual traditions. Referred to as the ‘master healer’, Ayahuasca has an uncanny way of addressing the deepest and most needed areas of our personal journey. We might step into the Ayahuasca experience with an idea of what we need to heal, but often Ayahuasca gently (or sometimes not-so-gently) points us towards those neglected corners of our inner world, those places where we’ve been avoiding but are most in need of our attention. The common saying applies: “Ayahuasca doesn’t give you what you want, Ayahuasca gives you what you need…”

Ayahuasca healing is not strictly linear or logical. It often moves beyond the confines of our rational understanding, unfolding its lessons in ways that resonate more with our soul’s language rather than our analytical mind. You may experience visions, emotions, and memories that seem abstract or elusive, yet they carry deep meaning and relevance to your healing process. It’s about trusting the medicine, surrendering to the process, and embracing the journey that unfolds within and beyond our comprehension.

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The Purge:

One of the most significant aspects of Ayahuasca’s healing process is the purge. But this is not merely a physical purge; it extends to an energetic and emotional cleaning. It’s a process where we’re encouraged to let go, to release fears, anger, sadness, doubts, worries—those heavy loads that keep us locked in toxic loops, hindering our growth and freedom. 

Through this purging process, we’re making space for transformation to happen, for the new seeds of awareness and growth to take root. Ayahuasca, despite its reputation for being tough, is truly a loving medicine. The ultimate healing it facilitates is through the doorway of love, light, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness (read our blog post about forgiveness here). It’s through embracing these aspects of ourselves that we find deep, lasting healing. 

The Ayahuasca journey is truly beautiful. It’s challenging, revealing, and ultimately empowering, gently nudging us towards a more authentic and whole version of ourselves.

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The Mirror:

Ayahuasca is more than a DMT infused trip; it is a mirror reflecting the deepest corners of our soul, revealing what lies beneath the surface of our everyday awareness. The experience of Ayahuasca is offering a panorama of our life from an entirely new perspective. It illuminates the beautiful parts of our being, the painful parts, and the blind spots that often evade our conscious recognition.

Access to our subconscious becomes possible through this extraordinary state of consciousness facilitated by Ayahuasca. As described by shamans, this isn’t hallucination; rather, it’s experiencing reality through a different, much wider lens. You begin to see, feel, and understand things about yourself that usually remain hidden, making way for profound realizations and healing.

It can even extend to the point that you experience an Ego death – a dissolution of your current identity so you can start creating a new identity which can overcome the struggles and suffering of your life. 

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If you are ready to look into the mirror of your subconscious, consider our Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Colombia.

Ayahuasca healing: The Love:

Often, we carry an internal narrative that is critical towards ourselves and others. We may find ourselves relentlessly chasing after perfection, magnifying our faults, and forgetting to appreciate our inherent worth. This pursuit of “doing more” can cast a shadow over our ability to genuinely love ourselves.

Ayahuasca often brings forth the forgotten sensation of self-love. During the ceremony, you may come to realize that you are deserving of happiness, joy, and contentment, regardless of what your critical inner voice has been telling you. The experience may awaken within you a profound love and compassion for yourself, a heartfelt reminder from your soul that you are indeed loved. Powerful Ayahuasca healing can happen through love. 

Radical Honesty:

Sometimes, we find ourselves tangled in a web of half-truths and lies, both towards others and ourselves. We may twist reality to avoid facing the impact of our actions or to keep the peace. Yet, this avoidance often results in recurring challenges and unhealed wounds.

Ayahuasca invites you to practice radical honesty. It points your soul to confront what you’ve been avoiding, to clean up the messes you’ve been walking around. It gently but firmly points out that if certain aspects of your life are not addressed and made right, you may continue running into the same walls. This confrontation is not to punish, but to liberate, pushing you towards a life of authenticity, accountability, and ultimately, peace.

This can drastically shift the level of self – worth and self image that you carry about yourself. 

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Recognizing Patterns:

Through Ayahuasca, you might see a magnified reflection of your habitual patterns. These could be your recurring thought cycles, your tendencies towards fear, greed, impatience, anxiety, or judgment. Such an amplified revelation might initially seem like a nightmare, challenging to confront and comprehend.

However, this confrontation has a potent purpose: to make you aware of these patterns so that you can recognize them in your day-to-day life. The next time you find yourself on the verge of repeating these patterns, the memory of the ceremony may serve as a deterrent, reminding you of the suffering such cycles have caused in the past.

Simultaneously, the purge element of the Ayahuasca ceremony serves as a transformative force, assisting in the release and transmutation of these unwanted energies, making room for new and healthier patterns to emerge.

Vulnerability, Compassion, Community:

The path with Ayahuasca extends beyond the ceremony itself. An equally important aspect is the nurturing environment fostered by the retreat facilitators. Their open-hearted approach and the shared experience with fellow participants create a space of genuine warmth, connection, and mutual support.

The retreat encourages vulnerability, allowing you to express your deepest fears, insecurities, and hopes without the fear of judgment. This shared vulnerability allows you to realize that, though everyone has unique challenges, we’re all navigating different forms of the same human experience. This collective journey cultivate compassion and strengthens the sense of community, which are essential aspects of the Ayahuasca healing process.

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Embracing the Mystery and Individuality of the Journey:

No one can precisely predict how Ayahuasca will work for you. Your healing journey could be intense or gentle, confronting or soothing, or a mix of these experiences. Each individual’s encounter with Ayahuasca is highly personal and subjective, as unique as the individual themselves.

Being open to the mystery of Ayahuasca involves accepting that your healing journey may unfold in unexpected ways. This acceptance can help you to remain open, allowing the medicine to guide you along the path that best serves your personal growth and transformation. It’s a journey into the unknown, a leap of faith into the healing and wisdom offered by this ancient plant medicine.

Many people are drawn to Ayahuasca because they want to discover their purpose. We broke that topic down in the blog post: Ayahuasca purpose – Can Ayahuasca help you discover your purpose.

Conclusion: Do you truly want to heal? 

On the path for healing, the wisdom of Hippocrates rings true: “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.” This question invites deep introspection on the readiness and willingness to truly embrace transformation. 

It’s one thing to desire healing and change, quite another to confront the realities that this change demands. Are you prepared to let go of the addictive comfort of suffering that you’ve built around yourself? Are you ready to shatter the patterned mold of your familiar self, to make room for a renewed version of you? If the answer is yes, then Ayahuasca can serve as a profound catalyst for your healing journey. 

However, remember that Ayahuasca is not a quick fix. It’s a mirror reflecting your consciousness back to you. As such, your encounter with Ayahuasca is limited by your personal boundaries, your willingness to venture into the depth of your psyche, and your readiness to confront the truths it unveils.

Undertaking this journey necessitates bravery and commitment. But if you’re ready to go as deep as your consciousness allows, the rewards can be transformative. 

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Wishing you all the best on your path towards healing and self-discovery. May you find the courage to surrender the familiar, embrace the unknown, and welcome the change you seek with open arms.


Ayahuasca works in mysterious ways, but generally speaking it allows you to connect with your subconscious and recognize patterns, that you were previously unaware of. Additionally, through the process of the purge you are able to let go / transform heavy / unwanted energies within you. 

Ayahuasca can be very helpful, but not solely, for depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse, heartbreak, low self worth and many other things we subconsciously carry. However, it is important that you are medically cleared to drink Ayahuasca. Also, Ayahuasca is not a magic pill that will heal you, it will show you the path of healing, however you need to go on it yourself.

It depends on you, your effort and how deep the wound is that you are trying to heal. Generally people need 3 – 15 ceremonies to heal whatever they are carrying within them. However, it is not just the process of the ceremony, but also what you do on your day to day to help transform, what you need to heal.

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