Ecstatic Dance Medellin

Benefits of Ecstatic Dance Medellin

Dive into the rhythmic beats of Medellin and let your spirit soar... Ecstatic Dance offers a various benefits, including:

Stress Relief

Let go of the daily grind and melt away stress with each movement.

Stress Relief

Let go of the daily grind and melt away stress with each movement. .

Physical Fitness:

Move, groove, and tone your body all while having fun.

Social Connection

Dance alongside a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion.

Mindful Awareness

Sync your mind and body, and be present in the moment.

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Meet Maria, your Ecstatic Dance Host

Step into the transformative world of ecstatic dance with Maria, a passionate and experienced facilitator who combines a heart-centered space with a powerful fusion of breathwork and movement meditation. Maria’s journey began with the exploration of breath and its integral role in unlocking our bodies’ expressive freedom, leading her to find joy, pleasure, and liberation in mindful movement. 

Trained directly under the founder Donna Carroll, Maria is also a skilled Ecstatic Dance facilitator, seamlessly weaving the principles of this liberating practice into her ecstatic dance events. Her holistic approach fosters an environment of openness and connectivity, inviting participants to reconnect with their innate body wisdom through dance and movement.

Join Maria on this heart-opening journey, and awaken the profound connection that lies within you.


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What is a Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is more than just moving to the rhythm. It’s a spiritual experience, a deep dive into one’s inner self, and a celebration of life. It’s about being connected with our bodies and allowing the music to move you in ways you’ve never experienced before. No judgment, – just pure, ecstatic movement.

How Ecstatic Dance relates to Ayahuasca

Ecstatic Dance and Ayahuasca are both healing modalities that serve to help you connect with yourself, however the method is obviously completely different. Our focus are more the Ayahuasca Retreat but also want to highlight the practice of Ecstatic dance as many people find a lot of joy in it.

If you want to go on a journey with Ayahuasca visit the subsection of our website: Ayahuasca Medellin 

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Questions about Ecstatic Dance Medellin

Frequently asked questions

Not at all! Ecstatic Dance welcomes everyone, regardless of your dance background. It’s all about personal expression and connecting with the music.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows for free movement. In which ever way you want to express yourself. 

Typically, our sessions last for about 2 – 4hours, depending on the event. This includes a warm-up, the main dance, and a cool-down period.

Absolutely! Ecstatic Dance is even more enriching when shared with friends. Just ensure they too are open to the experience.

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Open chat
Hola, if you have any questions around Ayahuasca, I am happy to answer your questions. Just shoot me a message and we talk soon.