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Become the person you where always meant to be

It is time for you to liberate yourself from the things that are holding you down 

Let go of anxiety, depression & resolve trauma

You tried everything already to let go of your anxiety, depressive tendencies, to resolve your trauma but nothing really seams to work?

Achieve your breakthrough

You are ready to let go of self-doubt, break through limiting beliefs and finally be the best version of yourself?

Improve the realtionship with yourself

You are looking to build a better relationships with yourself which in turn will improve your relationship with friends, family, romantic partner, work, money and the environment?

We opened our Ayahuasca center so you can make the experience you need to make to develop into the human you were meant to be.

Ayahuasca Retreat Guacamayo

The place where the trajectory of your life can change

Western facilitators - we understand your situation

Indigenous Tradition - sharing ancestral wisdom

Intimate group size, maximum 9 people

Beautiful place in the mountains close to Medellin to decompress from the stress of life

Non - commercialized retreat center for your authentic Ayahuasca experience

Medical consultation before the Ayahuasca retreat veteran

Sound bath Medellin

You finally want to transcend these limitations and life the life you are truely capapble of living?

Then let’s jump on a discovery call to see if an Ayahuasca retreat in Colombia is the right thing for you.

Your stay includes

During your stay at Ayahuasca retreat veteran we will make sure you will have everything at your disposal that you need, to make the personal transformation that is waiting for you. From breathwork, organic meals, sharing circles and of course the Ayahuasca ceremonies

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Experience powerful Ayahuasca ceremony to find the light within at Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia Guacamayo

Organic meals

+ Accomondation
Food is vital for our energy level and we make sure you have the best quality organic food during your Ayahuasca retreat.

Holotropic Breathwork

We want to give you tools you can use on your own wherever you are to connect with yourself

Personal coaching

In the end what matters is what you do in the ceremony of life. We help you prepare for the triggers that will come up after your Ayahuasca retreat.


In the end what we are looking for is the connection with ourselves and others.

Energetical cleanse

After we move the energy in the Ayahuasca retreat we make sure you receive an energetic cleansing at the end.

In your 20 - minute consultation call, you will find out:

If Ayahuasca is the right medicine for you right now

If you feel comfortable with us as facilitators

If this place the right place for you

We want to help you on your journey, share the powerful message of Ayahuasca and whether you join with us or not is totally up to you.

No High Pressure Sales tactics, the people who resonate with our message join, the ones who don't won't and it is totally ok.

Questions about Ayahuasca Retreat veterans

Frequently asked questions

We created two different videos specifically around this topic:

This is a valid concern shared by many veterans. While it’s possible that you may re-experience some traumatic moments during the Ayahuasca ceremony, it’s crucial to remember that this process aims to help you heal. By confronting these memories and allowing yourself to feel the associated pain, you can start to reframe your experiences. Ayahuasca, often misunderstood, is a gentle, compassionate medicine that focuses on love and forgiveness, which are at the heart of the healing process. 

Absolutely, your safety is our top priority. Should any aggressive behavior surface during the ceremony, we have protocols in place to address these situations. But it’s important to note that our approach is not about meeting force with force. Instead, we believe in the power of warmth, open-heartedness, and compassionate care. This supportive environment often diffuses tension and helps guide you back towards a peaceful state.

Yes, we believe it’s essential to have facilitators who truly understand your experiences. That’s why we have specific facilitators who are veterans themselves. They’ve walked in your shoes, they understand where you’re coming from, and they’re well-equipped to help guide you on your healing journey with Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is a brew made from two different plants Caapi (Banisteriopsis Caapi) and Chakruna (Psychotria viridis). In Colombia the word for Caapi is Ayahuasca and in their vocabular the Ayahuasca (Caapi) combined with Charkuna it the Yagé. 

Also, different traditions have their own recipes for Ayahuasca but the basis is the same.

Some of the well-known indigenous tribes in Colombia that work with Ayahuasca are the tribes of Kamsa Biya, Cofan, Inga, Siona and others. 

Also in Colombia Ayahuasca is more commonly known as Yagé.

Other countries where Ayahuasca is natively from are countries with the Amazon rain forest like Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela. 

Within the recent decades the Ayahuasca plant has also travelled and has been started to be cultivated in other parts of the world like Costa Rica or Hawaii where the climate conditions are met for Ayahuasca to grow. 

Are you ready for your personal transformation?

What is included in our 7-day retreat / Price 900 USD:
  • Experience the magic of  4 Ayahuasca ceremonies at Ayahuasca Retreat veteran Guacamayo
  • Beautiful location (accommodation) and delicious food for 7 days
  • Connect with your subconscious with holotropic breathwork 
  • Clean your body and boost your immune system with Kambo 
  • Cleanse energetically with a flower bath 
  • Push your comfort zone with an Ice bath 
  • feel your body intelligence with a Yoga session
  • relax and spoil yourself with a massage 
  • Integration circles to understand your experience
  • Integration workshop so you understand what you can expect after the retreat 
  • Ayahuasca journal with preparation and Integration impulses 

What is included in our 3,5 -day retreat Price 395 USD:
  • Experience the magic of 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Beautiful location (accommodation) and delicious food 
  • Connect with your subconscious with holotropic breathwork
  • Push your comfort zone with an Ice bath 
  • Integration circles to understand your experience
  • Ayahuasca journal with preparation and Integration impulses 

Let’s have a conversation to see if we are on the same wavelength

Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia - Ayahuasca shaman
Upcoming dates

3,5 day retreat:  

  • June 17. – 20.
  • July 20. – 23.
  • August 4.- 7. 
  • September 15. – 18.
  • October 13. – 16. 
  • November 24 – 27. 

7 day retreat:  

  • June 17. – 24. 
  • August 4. – 11.
  • September 15. – 22.
  • October 13. – 20. 
  • November 24. – Dec 1. 

Are you ready for a new trajectory of your life?

Ayahuasca Retreat veteran benefits

Why Ayahuasca is great for veterans:

After serving on the battlefield, many veterans return home carrying invisible wounds of war. Traditional therapies don’t always provide the solace they seek, leading some to explore alternative healing methods. An Ayahuasca retreat is one such option, providing a unique combination of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing that can be transformative for veterans. Here’s why:

The Battle with PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be a lifelong struggle for many veterans. An Ayahuasca retreat, however, provides a unique approach to managing this disorder. With a controlled setting and expert guidance, Ayahuasca ceremonies offer a chance to confront, process, and reconcile traumatic memories, thereby potentially reducing the debilitating symptoms of PTSD. This ancient plant medicine opens pathways to the subconscious, providing opportunities to encounter and make peace with past traumas.

Combatting Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are all too common among veterans. Ayahuasca ceremonies have been noted for its potential ability to alleviate these symptoms. This powerful plant medicine might elicit profound emotional releases and mental shifts that help in realigning perspectives, offering a fresh outlook on life beyond the battlefield.

Spiritual Healing and Connection

Feeling isolated or disconnected is a recurring theme for many returning service members. Ayahuasca retreats often foster a sense of unity, self-understanding, and spiritual connection. Participating in age-old rituals alongside others on their healing journeys can contribute to a newfound sense of community and connection, fostering a profound sense of belonging that is invaluable to veterans.

Overcoming Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a battle many veterans face, often as a result of trying to cope with traumatic experiences. Ayahuasca has shown promising results in helping individuals overcome addiction. It provides a deep level of introspection and self-awareness that can lead to a genuine desire and commitment to change, making it a potentially powerful tool in the arsenal against substance abuse.

Deep Psychological Insight

Transitioning from military life to civilian life can be a significant challenge for veterans. The deep psychological insights that Ayahuasca ceremonies can offer may aid in this process. Participants often report transformative personal growth experiences, a better understanding of their self-identity, and the ability to see their experiences from a new, healing perspective.

The Potential for Neuroplasticity

Emerging research indicates that Ayahuasca stimulates neuroplasticity – the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. This could be incredibly beneficial to veterans coping with mental health conditions. By fostering neuroplasticity, Ayahuasca could potentially promote healing and recovery in areas of the brain most impacted by stress and trauma.

Some Highlights from our Location at Ayahuasca Retreat veteran

Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia location private room
Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia location private room bathroom
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What our visitors say about their ayahuasca experience at Ayahuasca Retreat for veteran

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Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia ceremony

Why Ayahuasca ceremonies are especially transformational for veterans:

Ayahuasca ceremonies can provide an enriching environment for veterans to cultivate compassion, open their hearts, and process unresolved experiences. Ayahuasca is known to break down emotional barriers and promote introspection, helping individuals to confront and navigate through previously unprocessed feelings. The deep level of self-awareness that often comes during these ceremonies can lead to profound empathy and understanding, not just for oneself but for others as well. Participants frequently describe experiences of their hearts 'opening', fostering a sense of connection, love, and compassion that transcends their previous emotional boundaries. This emotional release and the accompanying growth of compassion can be particularly beneficial for veterans, who often carry burdens of unprocessed trauma and emotions from their time in service. By creating a space to safely confront and process these feelings, Ayahuasca ceremonies can contribute significantly to their emotional healing journey.

More Feedback from our visitors at Ayahuasca Retreat veteran Guacamayo

Why we want to help veterans:

We are incredibly passionate about aiding veterans in their healing journey because we recognize the immense challenges they face. These brave individuals, having served and protected us, often return home bearing unseen scars, struggling to reclaim their peace and well-being. In many cases, traditional methods of healing fall short, leaving them feeling lost, unheard, and unhealed. That's where our commitment comes in. We deeply believe in the transformative power of Ayahuasca, a tool that has demonstrated potential in guiding people through their most profound struggles. Our passion is fueled by the desire to provide a beacon of hope for those traversing the darkest corners of their experiences, especially for those who have endured unimaginably difficult situations. It's our mission to facilitate these individuals' introduction to the magic of Ayahuasca, fostering a space of safety, acceptance, and profound healing, and ultimately guiding them towards a path of recovery and self-discovery.

This initiative was started in our main location at Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia

Enjoying Ice bath Medellin

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