Ayahuasca Retreat for women

Become happy, content and fulfilled

Heal the past and rediscover yourself through our transformational Ayahuasca Retreat.

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Become the person you where always meant to be

It is time for you to liberate yourself from the things that are holding you down 

Let go of anxiety, depression & resolve trauma

You tried everything already to let go of your anxiety, depressive tendencies, to resolve your trauma but nothing really seams to work?

Achieve your breakthrough

You are ready to let go of self-doubt, break through limiting beliefs and finally be the best version of yourself?

Improve the realtionship with yourself

You are looking to build a better relationships with yourself which in turn will improve your relationship with friends, family, romantic partner, work, money and the environment?

We opened our Ayahuasca center so you can make the experience you need to make to develop into the human you were meant to be.

Ayahuasca Retreat Guacamayo

The place where the trajectory of your life can change

Western facilitators - we understand your situation

Indigenous Tradition - sharing ancestral wisdom

Intimate group size, maximum 9 people

Beautiful place in the mountains close to Medellin to decompress from the stress of life

Non - commercialized retreat center for your authentic Ayahuasca experience

Optional Medical consultation before the retreat

Ayahuasca Retreat is so powerful

Experiences from Visitors at our Ayahuasca Retreat for women


The container, safety, and trust were so strong which allowed me to surrender deeply. 


I felt safe and comfortable throughout the whole process which was the most important


It felt like a family atmosphere, very open – hearted and welcoming 

You finally want to transcend these limitations and life the life you are truely capapble of living?

Then let’s jump on a discovery call to see if an Ayahuasca retreat for women in Colombia is the right thing for you.

Your stay includes

During your stay at Ayahuasca retreat for women we will make sure you will have everything at your disposal that you need, to make the personal transformation that is waiting for you. From breathwork, organic meals, sharing circles and of course the Ayahuasca ceremonies

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Experience powerful Ayahuasca ceremony to find the light within at Ayahuasca Retreat for women

Organic meals

+ Accomondation
Food is vital for our energy level and we make sure you have the best quality organic food during your Ayahuasca retreat.

Holotropic Breathwork

We want to give you tools you can use on your own wherever you are to connect with yourself

Personal coaching

In the end what matters is what you do in the ceremony of life. We help you prepare for the triggers that will come up after your Ayahuasca retreat.


In the end what we are looking for is the connection with ourselves and others.

Energetical cleanse

After we move the energy in the Ayahuasca retreat we make sure you receive an energetic cleansing at the end.

In your 20 - minute consultation call, you will find out:

If Ayahuasca is the right medicine for you right now

If you feel comfortable with us as facilitators

If this place the right place for you

We want to help you on your journey, share the powerful message of Ayahuasca and whether you join with us or not is totally up to you.

No High Pressure Sales tactics, the people who resonate with our message join, the ones who don't won't and it is totally ok.

Questions about Ayahuasca Retreat for women

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Our Ayahuasca retreats for women are designed to accommodate both beginners and those who have prior experience with Ayahuasca. The environment is supportive and nurturing, making it an ideal space for women embarking on their first Ayahuasca journey.

Our retreats provide comprehensive support, starting from pre-retreat preparation to post-retreat integration. Our team of experienced healers, facilitators, and support staff are always on hand to guide you throughout the process. We also provide support to help you process your experiences during and after the ceremonies.

Our retreats typically are 7 days. This gives participants enough time to acclimate to the environment, participate in multiple Ayahuasca ceremonies, and engage in additional healing activities while allowing ample time for reflection and rest.

Apart from the Ayahuasca ceremonies, we offer a variety of holistic healing activities. These include yoga, meditation, nature walks, art therapy, group sharing circles, and workshops on various topics relevant to self-discovery, empowerment, and well-being.

Are you ready for your personal transformation?

What is included in our 7-day retreat / Price 1500 USD:
  • Experience the magic of  4 Ayahuasca ceremonies at Ayahuasca Retreat for women
  • Beautiful location (accommodation) and delicious food for 7 days
  • Connect with your subconscious with holotropic breathwork 
  • Clean your body and boost your immune system with Kambo 
  • Cleanse energetically with a flower bath 
  • Push your comfort zone with an Ice bath 
  • feel your body intelligence with a Yoga session
  • relax and spoil yourself with a massage 
  • Integration circles to understand your experience
  • Integration workshop so you understand what you can expect after the retreat 
  • Ayahuasca journal with preparation and Integration impulses 

What is included in our 3,5 -day retreat Price 800 USD:
  • Experience the magic of 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Beautiful location (accommodation) and delicious food 
  • Connect with your subconscious with holotropic breathwork
  • Push your comfort zone with an Ice bath 
  • Integration circles to understand your experience
  • Ayahuasca journal with preparation and Integration impulses 

Let’s have a conversation to see if we are on the same wavelength

Ayahuasca Retreat for women

Are you ready for a new trajectory of your life?

Ayahuasca Retreat for women benefits

why choose an women exclusive Ayahuasca Retreat

This is no ordinary retreat, it’s an Ayahuasca retreat dedicated exclusively for women, offering a safe place for self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation.

A Haven of Safety

An Ayahuasca retreat for women carves out a sanctuary of safety, a space where vulnerability becomes a strength. In the comforting embrace of an all-women environment, participants find it easier to open up, to dive into the deepest corners of their psyche without fear of judgment or misunderstanding. This safe space is particularly vital in the context of an Ayahuasca retreat, where the journey can be as emotionally intense as it is transformative.


The call to empowerment rings loud and clear in the heart of our retreat. As women from diverse walks of life gather around the sacred plant medicine, there's a shared understanding. Each ceremony of Ayahuasca is a bold declaration of self-discovery and empowerment. Here, among like-minded peers, the struggles of yesterday become the strengths of tomorrow. An Ayahuasca retreat for women helps to build self-confidence, assertiveness, and the courage to reclaim one's power.


The monetary value of inner transformation can never be quantified, yet Colombia offers a golden opportunity to dive deep on your Ayahuasca journey without draining your savings. Compared to the steep prices often associated with similar retreats elsewhere, Colombian Ayahuasca retreats offer a significantly more affordable alternative. However, this economic advantage does not compromise the quality of your experience; rather, it makes the profound magic of Ayahuasca accessible to more seekers at Ayahuasca Retreat for women.


From the heart-opening ceremonies to every aspect of the retreat contributes to a sense of sisterhood. This isn't just a group of women journeying together; it's a band of spiritual sisters. The intense shared experience, coupled with the deep and empathetic understanding of fellow women, fosters a bond that often extends beyond the confines of the retreat.

Addressing Gender-Specific Themes

In a world that often glosses over the nuances of the female experience, an Ayahuasca retreat for women provides a refreshing focus. The retreat offers a platform to address, unravel, and heal from gender-specific themes and traumas. The guided journey into the subconscious mind can help participants confront and heal from issues like body image struggles, societal pressure, or other types of gender-specific trauma.

Ceremonies Guided by Female Wisdom

An Ayahuasca retreat for women are led by female shamans. This infusion of female wisdom and energy lends a unique perspective to the ceremonies. The presence of women at the helm can enhance the sense of safety and relatability, making participants more comfortable during the intense Ayahuasca experience.

Holistic Healing Tailored for Women

Holistic healing is the cornerstone of an Ayahuasca retreat, encapsulating physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. In a women-only retreat, these healing modalities are specifically tailored to the intricacies of the female experience. Such a targeted approach can lead to more profound healing, resonating with the unique rhythm of the feminine spirit.

Some Highlights from our Location at Ayahuasca Retreat for women

Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia location private room
Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia location private room bathroom
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What our visitors say about their ayahuasca experience at Ayahuasca Retreat for women

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Maria Alejandra Team Ayahuasca

Why we created Ayahuasca retreats for women:

The inception of our Ayahuasca retreat for women was born out of a desire to create a safe and nurturing space for women eager to embark on this profound journey. We recognized that many women, although drawn to the transformative power of Ayahuasca, held back out of fear. We believed in the healing potential of Ayahuasca, and we also believed that every woman deserved to experience this potential in an environment of safety, respect, and dignity. Therefore, we dedicated ourselves to form this haven, a retreat tailored exclusively for women. Here, women could come together to share in the transformative journey of Ayahuasca, buoyed by a sense of sisterhood and the assurance of their well-being. This retreat is our stand against fear and uncertainty, our beacon for women worldwide, calling them to reclaim their power, their peace, and their potential.

This concept was an idea by our main location Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia Guacamayo

More Feedback from our visitors at Ayahuasca Retreat for women

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