Safe & Transformational Ayahuasca Retreat in Colombia

Connect with yourself through an Ayahuasca Retreat just 1 hour from Medellin.

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“If you want to connect with your highest self and experience deep transformation, this is the place”
Does Your Spirit Need Something New and Different?

When they first arrive here, many visitors tell us they’re fighting inner battles like…

But it's not your fault... no one taught us how to regulate our nervous systems or how to have a healthy connection to our emotions.


"Ayahuasca connects you with your heart, your own inner master to help guide you on your path"

- Oliver

You Deserve A Place To Heal Without Judgement…with Wonderful Guidance…and A Beautiful Surrounding

If you need a loving, heart-opening retreat, we’re here for you. Over 500 visitors have traveled from all over the world to join our ceremonies.


When you attend our ayahuasca retreat, you’ll learn:

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Your Questions About Ayahuasca…Answered

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Inside, you’ll discover:

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An Authentic Retreat in the Mountains of Medellin
The Location

Entering the property, you will find the perfect place to decompress. This place has been owned by the same family for 40+ years. As the first and only renters, we preserved its special energy just for you. 

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To make your journey to healing as effortless as possible, we offer:

Ongoing support

We offer weekly group calls for up to a year for attendees of our retreats to help with the integration of the messages of Ayahuasca and to stay connected with the energy of your transformation.

Free of charge.

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Please remember, this is an authentic experience

Our accommodations are comfortable but not luxurious. We offer authentic ayahuasca ceremonies for those seeking deep, spiritual healing. The collective energy of participants enhances the experience, creating powerful group dynamics and lasting connections. If luxury is your preference, we can recommend another retreat.

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Your Emotional Transformation in 7 Steps



Sharing cirlces

To help prepare you for your experience, build the trust with the group and facilitators.



Holotropic breathwork

Dive into your subconscious mind with the power of your breath.



Ice Bath

Connect with your body intelligence and push past your comfort zone with the healing power of an ice bath.



Medically Supervised Ayahuasca Ceremony

Our western doctor is present to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing.



Intimate Settings in “La Selva”

Small groups for support and individualized attention in “La Selva” the Ceremony Room.



Integration Support

Weekly calls, applying lessons to daily life when you return back home through the support of our online community (19 USD a month).



Live your best life

Once you were able to emotionally process events from the past it will allow you to fully live life again. The true gift of Ayahuasca.

Discover & Connect
Profoundly Shift
4 Days to Inner Healing for $495

What’s Included:

Price: $495 USD

Want to learn more? 

Download our ayahuasca pack to take the first step.

7 Days to Inner Healing for $995

What’s Included:

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Price: $995 USD

Want to learn more? 

Download our ayahuasca pack to take the first step.


140+ Reviews

5.0 Star
What Our Participants Say

I had a very good experience here! The whole team was wonderful and I felt very safe, which is so so important especially if you do it for the first time. The music was also incredible!


I attended the 4 day retreat at Guacamayo and my expectations were exceeded to say the least. If you are curious about ayahuasca, I highly recommend attending this retreat in Columbia- Oliver, Kevin and Jenna were extremely welcoming and made sure everyone felt safe, comfortable, and well cared for during stay. The entire team is genuinely passionate about the work they do, which made this experience all the more extraordinary and one I will be forever grateful for.. I look forward to going back to Guacamayo in beautiful Columbia as I continue with my journey of healing with ayahuasca ♥️


I had a wonderful experience with Oliver and his crew. The location is crazy beautiful, the event was very well organized, and most importantly- I felt I was in good hands so I could immerse completely in the experience. Also got super important integration assistance from Oliver after the event had ended. I Will come back for sure. Highly recommended 💫🌱🐲

Yair Horowitz

Definitely a life-changing experience!! Oliver was an amazing host 🤩 I loved how he incorporated various activities to create community & make us all feel comfortable beforehand. It is a great retreat especially for your first time. Very safe & supportive & caring...

Gisela Kottmeier

If you want to connect with your highest self and experience pure bliss, this is the place. I had the most incredible experience on this retreat. Oliver, Sergio and the team, create a comfortable and safe environment. The views,food,people,breathwork sessions, ceremonies are all amazing!...


That's what the world needs - a place to heal without judgment, with wonderful guidance, and a beautiful surrounding. I've attended ayahuasca retreats before, but this was my favorite one. I felt so secure, seen, and held. The shaman was amazing, even though it's his "job," he approaches it with so much love and a grounded presence. He is genuinely interested in ensuring you have a good journey, no matter what comes up. The entire team is wonderful, the music is magical, they are truly caring, and it feels like they do everything from the depths of their hearts.!

Annika Heinrich

The sense of community among participants was remarkable. Shared experiences, group discussions, and communal activities fostered a supportive environment. The connections formed during the retreat added a valuable dimension to the journey. Safety measures were meticulously implemented, ensuring the well-being of all participants. The support from staff and fellow journeyers created a sense of trust and security throughout the entire experience.

tamas mithos

I only got back to town this afternoon and already want to return. Amazing experience with beautiful people. Everything was just perfect, such powerful ceremonies, music, guidance. I would highly recommend experiencig the medecine here. I regret not having chosen the 7-day retreat.


Incredible experience! Every part of my time here will be cherished and remembered for years to come. The staff, the location, the food, the music, and the medicine all come together to created tremendous and life-changing healing.

Nick Alderton

Oliver and his team gave us the best introduction to Ayahuasca, they were super friendly and supportive with all of us and our different expectations, made us feel safe and comfortable at all times, the girls in the kitchen will make you feel at home and the doggies will make it all magic. I’m truly grateful for each of the persons that I got to share this experience with, lovely people and would love to do it again! If you are looking for an ayahuasca retreat you have definitely found THE PLACE. Love for all the team ❤️❤️❤️

adara Giselle Pinzon Motta

3.5 day retreats

July 18-21
August 8-11
August 22-25
September 5-8
September 12-15
September 19-22
October 3-6
October 10-13
October 17-20
November 7-10
November 14-17
November 21-24
December 5-8

7 day retreats

July 18-25
August 22-29
September 19-26
October 17-24
November 21-28

Coming soon…

As we work with small groups, the retreats tend to fill up

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From Burned Out Fortune 500 Exec to Ayahuasca Retreats

At 19, I was working as a department manager in a Fortune 500 company. Despite my success, a profound sense of disconnection persisted—I was sure there was more to life than the cyclical grind of work and weekend shopping.

My journey took a transformative turn when I discovered ayahuasca. After years of personal development, just one week with ayahuasca offered me insights and emotional shifts more profound than anything I had experienced before

Fueled by my own personal growth, I founded a retreat center in Colombia. I began without knowing Spanish, without contacts, and in a completely new profession, yet deep down, I knew this was my path.

Today, our retreat is one of the top-rated in Colombia, offering a medically supervised, safe container for others to explore profound personal change.

Men's work Medellin

What’s Included:

If you’re ready to transform your life, download our information pack below.

oliver glozik sign

Oliver Glozik

Meet Our Team
oliver glozik2

Oliver Glozik

Former business owner and corporate executive turned Integration Coach shares his experience and transformation with Ayahuasca to live coherently and master oneself to live a life of service, respect and happiness.

sergio henao3

Sergio Henao

As a former philosophy professor Sergio Henao has been looking for answers to many questions of mankind and found his calling in the service of people and helping them find inner peace with the work of plant medicines.

dr kevin zapata

Dr. Kevin Zapata

Kevin is present during the retreats and is attentive to the physical and psychological needs of the participants. He has been drinking Ayahuasca for 6+ years and combines western medicine with ancestral wisdom.

vanessa delgado

Vanessa Delgado

Each month, Vanessa guides an Ayahuasca retreat. Her gentle presence helps participants connect deeply with themselves. The female-led ceremonies provide a distinctive and compassionate touch to the healing process.

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