Private Ayahuasca Retreat

Become happy, content and fulfilled

Heal the past and rediscover yourself through our transformational Ayahuasca Retreat.

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Become the person you where always meant to be

It is time for you to liberate yourself from the things that are holding you down 

Let go of anxiety, depression & resolve trauma

You tried everything already to let go of your anxiety, depressive tendencies, to resolve your trauma but nothing really seams to work?

Achieve your breakthrough

You are ready to let go of self-doubt, break through limiting beliefs and finally be the best version of yourself?

Improve the realtionship with yourself

You are looking to build a better relationships with yourself which in turn will improve your relationship with friends, family, romantic partner, work, money and the environment?

We opened our Ayahuasca center so you can make the experience you need to make to develop into the human you were meant to be.

Ayahuasca Retreat Guacamayo

The place where the trajectory of your life can change

Western facilitators - we understand your situation

Indigenous Tradition - sharing ancestral wisdom

Intimate group size, maximum 9 people

Beautiful place in the mountains close to Medellin to decompress from the stress of life

Non - commercialized retreat center for your authentic Ayahuasca experience

Medical consultation before the retreat

Ayahuasca Retreat is so powerful

Experiences from Visitors at our Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia


The container, safety, and trust were so strong which allowed me to surrender deeply. 


Life – changing experience, it uncovered so much for me. I am very grateful for the team.


I felt safe and comfortable throughout the whole process which was the most important


Possibly a life-changing experience. I feel at peace in my life. It helped me work toward the person I want to be. 


It felt like a family atmosphere, very open – hearted and welcoming 

You finally want to transcend these limitations and life the life you are truely capapble of living?

Then let’s jump on a discovery call to see if an Ayahuasca retreat in Colombia is the right thing for you.

Your stay includes

During your stay at our private Ayahuasca retreat we will make sure you will have everything at your disposal that you need, to make the personal transformation that is waiting for you. From breathwork, organic meals, sharing circles and of course the Ayahuasca ceremonies

4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Experience powerful Ayahuasca ceremony to find the light within at Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia Guacamayo

Organic meals

+ Accomondation
Food is vital for our energy level and we make sure you have the best quality organic food during your Ayahuasca retreat.

Holotropic Breathwork

We want to give you tools you can use on your own wherever you are to connect with yourself

Personal coaching

In the end what matters is what you do in the ceremony of life. We help you prepare for the triggers that will come up after your Ayahuasca retreat.


In the end what we are looking for is the connection with ourselves and others.

Energetical cleanse

After we move the energy in the Ayahuasca retreat we make sure you receive an energetic cleansing at the end.

In your 20 - minute consultation call, you will find out:

If Ayahuasca is the right medicine for you right now

If you feel comfortable with us as facilitators

If this place the right place for you

We want to help you on your journey, share the powerful message of Ayahuasca and whether you join with us or not is totally up to you.

No High Pressure Sales tactics, the people who resonate with our message join, the ones who don't won't and it is totally ok.

Questions about Private Ayahuasca Retreat

Frequently asked questions

A private Ayahuasca retreat is a personalized journey guided by experienced shamans or facilitators. You can expect a tailored schedule that includes Ayahuasca ceremonies, complementary therapies, and time for introspection and relaxation. The retreat also provides ample time for the crucial integration process post-ceremony, helping you assimilate your experiences. However, remember that each person’s Ayahuasca journey is unique, so experiences can vary widely.

 Private Ayahuasca retreats can be suitable for individuals, families, or close-knit groups of friends seeking a deeply personal and transformative experience. These retreats are particularly beneficial for those who value privacy, personalized attention, and the flexibility to explore their inner world at their own pace. However, Ayahuasca is not for everyone. It’s important to be in good physical and mental health, and to consult with a healthcare professional before undertaking such a journey.

  1. **Q: How does the integration process work in a private retreat?

The integration process in a private retreat is typically more personalized and extensive than in group settings. It includes one-on-one discussions with the shaman or facilitator and may involve various therapies to help you process your Ayahuasca experience. The aim is to help you understand and incorporate the insights and revelations from your journey into your everyday life.

Choosing to connect with Ayahuasca is a deeply personal decision and should be made after careful consideration. A private retreat could be right for you if you value individual attention, privacy, the flexibility to shape your journey, and an enhanced integration process. The best is to talk with us if a private or a general retreat is the best in your situation. 

Are you ready for your personal transformation?

What is included in our 7-day retreat / Price 4500 USD:

  • Experience the magic of  4 Ayahuasca ceremonies at Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia Guacamayo
  • Beautiful location (accommodation) and delicious food for 7 days
  • Connect with your subconscious with holotropic breathwork 
  • Clean your body and boost your immune system with Kambo 
  • Cleanse energetically with a flower bath 
  • Push your comfort zone with an Ice bath 
  • feel your body intelligence with a Yoga session
  • relax and spoil yourself with a massage 
  • Integration circles to understand your experience
  • Integration workshop so you understand what you can expect after the retreat 
  • Ayahuasca journal with preparation and Integration impulses 

Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia - Ayahuasca shaman

Are you ready for a new trajectory of your life?

benefits Private Ayahuasca Retreat

Why choose a private Ayahuasca Retreat

It is time for you to liberate With the surge of interest in traditional plant medicines, the idea of a private Ayahuasca retreat might emerge on your horizon. If it has, you’re likely curious about the unique benefits such a journey offers. Let’s delve deeper into six compelling reasons why a private Ayahuasca retreat could be a profound and transformative experience for you.

Personalized Guidance:

One of the compelling advantages of a private Ayahuasca retreat is the personalized guidance it offers. Unlike group settings where the shaman or facilitator must cater to the needs of multiple participants, a private retreat allows them to focus solely on you. This concentrated attention provides you with a uniquely supportive environment. You'll receive guidance tailored to your spiritual journey, mental state, and emotional needs, ensuring a more nurturing and insightful experience.

Privacy and Comfort:

Processing the potent effects of Ayahuasca often leads to profound emotional and psychological realizations. A private setting provides the necessary space for such intimate explorations. With the absence of distractions or the subconscious influence of others' experiences, you are free to fully engage with your journey. This comfortable and secure environment fosters personal growth and deep healing.

Flexible Timing:

Every individual has their unique rhythm, a natural pace that brings comfort and familiarity. A private Ayahuasca retreat respects this personal rhythm. Unlike group retreats bound by fixed schedules, a private setting offers you the flexibility to adjust the timing of ceremonies and other activities, ensuring your comfort and receptivity to the Ayahuasca experience.

Tailored Therapies

A comprehensive Ayahuasca retreat often incorporates complementary therapies to enhance your journey. Whether it's the soothing rhythm of yoga, the quiet introspection of meditation, or the rejuvenating touch of a massage, these therapies, in a private setting, can be tailored to your specific needs. They harmonize with your Ayahuasca journey, amplifying the insights and healing it facilitates.

Deep Inner Work

Delving deep into your psyche is at the heart of any Ayahuasca journey. A private retreat empowers you to conduct this intimate exploration without restriction. Whether you're processing personal traumas, seeking answers to profound questions, or exploring your spiritual self, a private Ayahuasca retreat offers a conducive environment for deep and transformative inner work.

Integration Process

Your Ayahuasca journey doesn't end with the ceremony; the real work begins during the integration process. Making sense of the profound experiences and insights and incorporating them into your life is a critical part of the journey. Private retreats offer a more encompassing space for this process, providing one-on-one discussions and various therapies to help you assimilate your experience.

Some Highlights from our Location at Private Ayahuasca Retreat Guacamayo

Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia location private room
Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia location private room bathroom
bathroom pictures Ayahuasca retreat

For who is a private Ayahuasca Retreat recommended

For Individuals

For those seeking a deeply personal journey, a private Ayahuasca retreat offers a sanctuary of self-discovery and healing. This journey is about you and for you. It provides an opportunity to connect with your deepest self, to confront personal traumas, and to uncover profound insights in a safe and guided environment. The solitary nature of the retreat allows you to focus solely on your internal journey without distraction, enhancing the introspection and healing process. Whether you are at a crossroads, seeking a deeper understanding of life, or desiring personal healing, this journey can serve as a powerful tool for transformation and self-realization.

For Friends

If you and your close-knit group of friends have been exploring the realms of personal growth and shared experiences, a private Ayahuasca retreat might just be your next journey together. As friends, you’ve shared laughter, tears, and milestones, but an Ayahuasca retreat offers an opportunity to bond on an entirely different level. This shared spiritual journey could deepen your understanding of one another and of yourselves, strengthening your connections. Under the guidance of an experienced shaman, you can provide each other with support and companionship during this deeply transformative experience. It's a journey that can create an indelible bond, weaving a shared narrative of self-discovery and collective growth.

For Families

A private Ayahuasca retreat could serve as a profound bonding and healing experience for families. Our family ties often encompass our deepest emotions and complex histories. An Ayahuasca journey, embarked upon collectively as a family, offers an opportunity to understand these complexities from a new perspective, potentially healing old wounds and improving family dynamics. The shared experience can strengthen mutual understanding, empathy, and connection, fostering a deeper bond within the family unit. It's an undertaking that requires immense trust and openness, but the potential rewards— improved communication, a deeper understanding of each other, and shared spiritual growth—could leave a lasting positive impact on your family relationships.

Ayahuasca Retreat is so powerful

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Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia ceremony

Why we offer private Ayahuasca Retreat

In the dance of life, each individual, family, or group of friends goes on a unique journey, seeking personal growth, healing, and self-discovery. Recognizing the vast diversity of these journeys, we've made a conscious decision to offer private Ayahuasca retreats. We believe that this tailored approach allows us to better meet the unique needs of each participant, fostering a safe and nurturing environment for profound transformation. Here's why we decided to do private retreats. The Call for Privacy In an increasingly interconnected world, privacy can feel like a rare commodity. Yet, it is within this sacred space of privacy that we often connect most deeply with ourselves. This is especially true when engaging in profound inner work, such as that facilitated by an Ayahuasca retreat. Ayahuasca has the potential to unlock doors within the psyche, leading to intense emotional and spiritual experiences. For some, navigating these experiences in a group setting may feel overwhelming or intrusive. A private retreat ensures the exclusivity of the journey for individuals or groups, providing them the privacy needed to delve into the deepest layers of their consciousness without distractions or inhibitions.

The idea of private Ayahuasca retreat started at our main location at Ayahuasca Retreat Colombia Guacamayo

Are you ready to shift your consciousness?

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